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Ketel One

Finest Vodka every. It beats Grey Goose, Belivedere, Stoli, and the rest of them easily. It is goes down with the ever so slightest burn, which I like. I mean Grey Goose goes down without almost no burn or any taste at all, but come on were drinking Vodka here, we want our throats opened up a little otherwise the Vodka would be to plain and bland like I think Grey Goose is. This is absolutely my favorite Vodka of all time and I refuse to drink any other.

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Are you guys kidding me. How does this Vodka score such a high score. Someone has to explain this to me. I mean maybe your saying its the best out of the worst cheap vodka, but if your saying that its just flat out good its not. It tastes cheap and unfiltered thats probably cause its only like $11 a bottle. It goes down hard and is not tasteless like it should be. Stay Away!

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