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Ketel One

This vodka is extra smooth. Has the creamiest mouth feel in the white spirit world -- is this whipping cream of vodka. The alcohol burn that is all too familiar with most vodka is almost nonexistent. The taste is ah so elegant, maybe just too elegant. Sweetness and smoothness permeate the mouth. A bit of stone and mineral rest in the background. Watch out for this one, you might drink too much before it's too late.

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Poland's number one vodka, so the label says. The Poles know how to make a wide variety of vodkas. Wybrowa is a classic vodka in the oldest tradition. Does it have some heat? Hell yeah. But the texture is out of this world. Oily and full of body. This vodka has more body than some whiskeys out there. Rye, cocoa and cream fill the mouth and nose. This Polish vodka will put some hair on your chest, but the spicy flavor from the Polish rye gives it an extra star. Most vodkas have that all too familiar burn, but very few have a backbone of flavor to make it worth while.

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