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Don't understand some of the negative reviews here. I've been a vodka guy for 20 years, and this vodka is #1 in my household...better than Goose, Ketel One, Level, Effen, Belvedere, Van Gogh...It's not a flavored vodka--it's distilled from grapes. Like other vodkas, it absolutely must be stored in the freezer, though. This product cannot be served at room temperature, and that may be the underlying cause of many of these negative reviews. When served chilled, the liquid thickens, caresses the pallette softly, goes down subtle and smooth with little or no bite, and the slight hint of grape hits the back of the throat. Mixes well with fruit-based drinks, too. If you've never had "frozen" vodka, try storing your bottle in the freezer and I'll bet you'll change your mind about this brand (as well as others).

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