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.RU Vodka
RU vodka is a true Russian vodka using Russian rye grains, Russian natural spring water and our very own Russian alcohol. RU vodka is NOT filtered using charcoal. We use an ultra-modern synthetic fibre process. The Amtel distillery, where RU is made in Bryansk, was founded by Catherine the Great over 240 years ago in 1763 for her military elite. The same winter rye grains are harvested from the very fields owned and managed by Amtel Distillery since 1763. Our natural spring water comes from the same springs used 240 years ago.

A flash website that's a little slow on this work computer but worth the visit. Just because 26000 vodka is a delight.

3 Vodka
Check out the only vodka in the world distilled from soy! The first and only spirit to receive federal label approval to list zero carbs as its nutritional label. Gluten-free, no sugars!

42 Below Vodka
42 Below Website

Absolut Vodka
Home of the Swedish vodka. An absolutely cool site, with links to the company's great ads.

Alaska Vodka
Alaska Vodka imported from Armenia

American Belarusian Import-Export Co., Ltd.
Exclusive importer of Kryshtal vodkas and Belarusian liquors.

Americana Luxury Vodka
Link to Americana Luxury Vodka, an unflavored, grain vodka, in production for just over a year out of Colts Neck, New Jersey.

Anion vodka
Makers of one of the best vodkas in the Baltics.

Arctic Vodka
UK distributor of ARCTIC VODKA brand homepages. Arctic Vodka is premium product with smoother taste appealing especially female taste with 38% product line and general public taste with 43% product line sold in Finland Germany Frannce and NOW available worldwide

Avshar Lux Vodka

Babicka Vodka
Babicka, the Original Wormwood Vodka revives the magic of a 500 year-old Czech witches brew.

Balkan 176
Pure 88% vodka!

Banff Ice Vodka
Banff Ice Vodka - official website. Learn about how vodka is made, and why it doesn't give you a hangover. Download WMP and cellphone skins, enter contests, play games, and more.

Barr Hill Vodka
Barr Hill Vodka is crafted from honey at the company's micro-distillery on the banks of the Lamoille River in Caledonia Country of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Honey is cold fermented for several weeks then carefully distilled in custom stills. The spirit which emerges reflects the essence of the soil and flowers visited by the bees.

Belaya Rus Vodka
Vodka “Belaya Rus Lux” is produced on original technology from grain high-quality purified alcohol "Lux" with use of softened water, processed by black silicon. When the water contacts with black silicon it gets properties of spring water and improves flavoring qualities of vodka. Alcoholic content - 40%. At the international competitions - tastings vodka "Belaya Rus Lux" is awarded with Grand prix and the Platinum Quality symbol, 7 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals, the winner of competition "the Best product of the Year 2003", "the best Belarusian products in the market of the Russian Federation 2006".


Bend Distillery
Bend distillery produces "Crater Lake" vodka. I would like to see it reviewed.

a global brand from the turkish market. excellent taste..the grand vodka experience..

Blavod Vodka
The original black vodka.

Blue Ice Potato Vodka
Blue Ice Potato Vodka is made from potatoes, the traditional ingredient of the finest vodka throughout the world. The potatoes used in Blue Ice Potato Vodka come from the richest potato-growing region in North America, where high-altitudes, warm days and cool nights, and light volcanic soil produce a potato with excellent taste and characteristics. These high-quality potatoes give Blue Ice its distinctive sweet flavor and smoothness.

Bombora Vodka Facebook Fan Page
Become a fan!

Bong Vodka
A brand new designer vodka from Holland. Its artisanal recipe has been handed down through five generations of master distillers. It's designer glass bottle is the work of contemporary artists paying homage to a pop culture icon.

Boru Vodka
Country of origin: Ireland Distilled from: A variety of grain Distillation: Quadruple distilled, charcoal filtered Flavor profile: "Subtle, very smooth with a round, full mouth feel" Forbes.com Top 10 vodka's

Catalina Dynastii Vodka
This link is to a web site of a new craft vodka distillery in Chicago's South suburbs. The vodka is vigorously controlled for quality and hand bottled. An elegant on site tasting room enhances the overall experience.

Charbay California Artisan Vodka
Charbay Vodka, produced in Northern California by father-and-son artisan distillers. Available in flavors made once a year with whole, fresh fruit, plus award-winning clear...

Charbay Vodka and Micro-Distilled spirits
Food and wine's vodka of the year is made by a 13th generation master distiller, learn about the vodkas and this amazing distilling portfolio

Charodei Vodka
The vodka from Belarus.

Chopin Vodka from Poland
Producers of a range of vodkas, including the "Chopin" brand.

CooranBong Vodka is Australia's first super premium, made from the purest waters and grapes grown in the famed Barossa Valley, this ten-time distilled vodka is smooth and elegant.

Cracow Distillery Polmos
Information on Cracovia vodka and other brands distilled. Also has information on the history of distillation in Kracow.

Cristall Vodka
The main export vodka from Russia's leading distillery.

Czar's Gold
Czar's Gold is part of a collection that was in honor of tercentenary of St. Petersburg. Only natural raw materials and pure Ladoga lake water is used for its production. Lime-tree honey and lime blossoms add mild flavor to its taste, and its filtration through golden filters refines Czar's Gold vodka. The bottle design underlines the elite nature of the new beverage. The bottle is made from selective frosted glass decorated by pure gold and old engravings - Peter the Great and sights of the Northern capital. Made in St. Petersburg, Russia.

De La Ron Vodka
The difference between a great vodka and an outstanding one lies in the subtle details. Which is why nothing is left to chance at Dè La Ron. Each batch is distilled a total of 5 times. The water we add during the process is purified with ultraviolet light. Then we meticulously filter Dè La Ron through virgin coconut husk carbon. The result is a flawlessly refined character that's exceptionally smooth and clean.

Death's Door Vodka
Death's Door is a Local and Sustainable Vodka made from organically grown wheat in Door County, Wisconsin. The vodka is distilled in Madison and is currently distributed in WI, IL, NY, NJ, and CA. This Premium Vodka has a slight sweetness that comes from the unique variety of red wheat cultivated to grow in the harsh maritime climates of Washington Island in Door County, WI.

Demidoff Vodka
Here's an interesting vodka from Russia. I've seen it at Beverly Hills Hotel recently.

Devotion Vodka
Vodka made from US Corn, distilled 6 times.

DiVine Vodka: Vodka from the Vineyard
Unlike most luxury vodkas that are imported, DiVine is the first and only 'estate vodka' to be distilled and bottled in the United States and made from grapes. Specifically, it is produced in one of the Midwest's richest fruit belts--Southwest Michigan--using grapes harvested from the Lake Michigan Shore AVA (American Viticultural Area).

Dolce Touch
The World's First Hybrid Luxury Vodka™. Dolce Touch By Dolce Touch™ is handcrafted in small batches and is produced exclusively in limited quantities. Experience one of the most luxurious tasting spirits in the world.

Double Cross Vodka

Premium Russian vodka from Kazakhstan retaining undertones of herbs and honey

Dovgan Genuine Russian Vodka
Home site for Dovgan Genuine Russian Vodka - fantastic tasting product with real Russian credentials (not just made for the export market, this is a vodka that is drunk widely across Russia)

Dukes Vodka
Dukes Vodka Website

Eldvatn Vodka
Eldvatn is a Premium Vodka made from water from an ancient Faroese spring believed to hold healing powers. The pure Faroese spring water, triple distillation and wheat grain origin makes Eldvatn an astonishing and extremely smooth Vodka.

a vodka with the effect of absinth

Energy Vodka
ZYGO, the first vodka with all the elements of an energy drink seemlessly paired with a super premium american vodka. This drink has done well at our little club in NYC (check it out at www.centro-fly.com). We turn over a few cases a week.


Exclusiv Vodca
From the gentle rolling wheat fields of Moldova, near the shores of the Black Sea, comes an escape reminiscent of icy mountain tops and crystal clear streams. What was once only for royalty and members of high society can now also be exclusively yours in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida. The International Review of Spirits Award gave Exclusiv Vodca their Silver Medal.

Exclusiv Vodka
Clear. Subtle, creamy mocha aromas and flavors with hints of dried cherries and spice and a long, delicate cream and powdered sugar fade. Very smooth, tasty, and appealing. 2006 Best Value Vodka under $20 International Review of Spirits Award: Silver Medal

Finlandia Vodka
The vodka of Finland

Five Lakes Vodka
Very smooth vodka made from the pure underground water of lakes, located in untouched Siberia region. It takes 48 hours of chilling process before final filtering and bottling. Five Lakes vodka is distilled from grain seven times to reach its unique smoothness. Five Lakes vodka was awarded as "United Vodka" and took Gold medal in Cannes, France, receiving 97,60 points out of 100. The jury of international experts pointed out that Five Lakes vodka's taste is one of the best in the world. Five Lakes vodka took the 6th place in terms of sales volume among the World’s Top-Rank Vodka brands. In its growth dynamics Five Lakes vodka outsells market giants such as Diageo and The Absolut Co. In 2011 we sold 6.3 mil cases of Five Lakes vodka around the world!

Frïs Vodka
Frïs Vodka Skandia, a premium vodka from Denmark, is the only Freeze Distilled® Vodka in the world. This patented distillation process is a key step in producing a vodka of ultimate quality and taste. The name Frïs (pronounced “Freeze”) comes from the Danish words for frost and ice. Frïs was developed in one of the oldest distilleries in Scandanavia by experts from Aalborg and Copenhagen. The mission of these experts was to produce the finest vodka in the world. This goal was accomplished when developer Knud Mygind discovered he could freeze the impurities found in a spirit to easily separate them from the remaining vodka. This revolutionary discovery was later patented as Freeze Distillation and is credited as a critical step in producing Frïs Vodka’s superior smoothness and taste. Enjoy Frïs Vodka and Frïs Vodka Lime!

Gecko Vodka
The delicate and refined Gecko Twovodk Vodka is produced from 100% neutral grain grown in isolation in Nordic fields and blended with pure glacial water from sub-fluvial lakes. This process means that the pH level of the vodka is higher than other premium vodkas, leaving a smooth, crisp taste.

Glavspirttrest Vodka
Enjoy the most traditional Russian vodka- Green Mark!!!

Glazov Russian Vodka

Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka
Drink recipes, event information, and more.

Goral Vodka
The best vodka from Slovakia - originating from the mountain region of the High Tatras, where lives ethnic highlanders - Gorals. Goral Vodka is produced from the Tatra mountain water, what giving it a distinctive taste. Goral Vodka Master is a special edition of Goral Vodka, which won many awards worldwide.

Grand Teton Potato Vodka
Grand Teton Vodka distillery is located in Teton Valley, Idaho, on the west side of the Tetons. Awarded a Gold Medal in Nov 2012 by the Beverage Testing Institute with 94 points, placing it in the top 1% of all vodkas in the world.

Gray Drake

Great Lakes Distillery
Wisconsin's First Distillery since 1920 (prohibition) 3 guys in Brew Town, truly making small-batch,hand-crafted vodka and other specialty spirits...

Grey Goose
A fine superpremium vodka distilled and bottled in France.

Hammer + Sickle
Born of cold Russian winters, the wheat of HAMMER + SICKLE is hand cleared in the black earth region, then dry-shipped to the distillery where masters of the craft distill and filter HAMMER + SICKLE six times, transforming the harvest into a smooth, ultra luxurious vodka worthy of its Russian heritage. Please enjoy responsibly.

Hangar One
Finest Vodka on the market. Made in Alameda California in an abandoned Air Force Base Airplane Hangar.

Happy Hour Imports
Finally, designer vodka out of Russia, with cutting edge designs and old style quality.

Happy Vodka
A new Vodka from Russia that makes everyone smile!

Harilan Distributors Inc
Harilan Distributors export russian vodka (Shustov, Stolnaya, Old Moscow Shtoff, Bogorodskaya, Jewel of Russia to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Macao, etc.

Hawaiian Vodka
handcrafted Hawaiian Vodka, made from sugar cane and filtered through Hawaiian lava -- holy cow

Heavy Water Vodka
Heavy Water is a handcrafted, higher definition of vodka. Made from the finest Scandinavian winter wheat and the purest Swedish water, it’s truly artisanal vodka. Every detail is crafted to maintain the essence of vodka’s true characters while adding modern touches. The bottle was designed by a Swedish artist

Herbesco Vodka
infused Vodka

Belvedere Vodka Website. Imported from Poland.

Made from spring water, cleaned by cold filtration technology: the lower the temperature of purification is, the more impurities are absorbed by filter. As a result Husky vodka is purified at a higher quality level. The cold creates a perfect ultra-pure drink. Distilled five times from selected grain. A memorable logo design, dog paw, on a bottle of innovative form is not just a fancy element of design which builds up to appealing appearance of the product but also a patent item of intellectual property secured by international laws. Northern Husky vodka took the award at international Pentawards dedicated exclusively to design along with world-famous market leaders Martell and Coca-Cola. This vodka is a genuine Russian product – made in the country that invented vodka as it should be.

Iceberg Vodka
Canada's best vodka

The latest addition to JIL’s repertoire of brands is their triple distilled pure grain vodka– IICE. With its launch, JIL has now marched into the Nightlife Segment.

Quadruple distilled and filtered. Has been an outstanding vodka since 1862 Gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Rated Best Buy in the Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Ikon True Russian Vodka Blog
New Ikon True Russian Vodka Blog with news, reviews, parties, tastings information.

Imported From Armenia, Russia, Italy
ARMENIAN Vodkas * Imported * From Armenia, Russia and Italy

Inferno Vodka
Guess what this vodka is infused with?

Iowa Legendary Rye Vodka
Iowa Legendary Rye distillery of rye vodka in Templeton, IA. Distilled 100% streaight rye vodka for the United States and Worldwide marketplace.

Isis Vodka
Premium vodka made with Washington State wheat by Mac Donald Distillery in Snohomish Washington. Crisp, light and floral, clean and smooth finish.

Istanblue Vodka
...details on how to get access to the true spirit of Turkey and how to join Istanblue Vodka army...DRINK SMOOTH, PARTY HARD...

Come in to discover ISTOK vodka, No 1 in RUSSIA (in terms of sale). Winner of Gold medal at the United Vodka 2006, Gold winner of 2007 SIAL in shanga this year. Made of 100% grain, and alive water. A vodka to discover very quickly

Jewel Lines
An exclusive Ultra-Premium, produced on the basis of 6-times distilled spirit and spring water subjected to a double process of osmosis.

Ketel One
A superb vodka from Holland -- winner of our First Annual Vodka Taste-Off

Kittling Ridge Tour - home of Inferno Vodka
My friend and I went on a tour of Kittling Ridge recently, which is the home of Inferno Vodka. I've seen lots of wineries, living near the Niagara wine region, but had never seen a distillery in operation. Hope some of the pics are interesting to you

Kleiner Feigling Vodka
A German made vodka flavored with figs.

KRALSKA VODKA S is a multiple distilled pure vodka made of the finest quality agricultural grain/ wheat.

Kurland Vodka
Latvian Vodka. Distilled five times. Made from LUX Grain combined with both wheat and rye,water taken from the grounds of the Kurland region of Latvia. Won international awards in 2006-2007. Very smooth with NO alocohol Burn!!!

Kutskova (the original name for the city of Moscow before 1147) is the ultimate vodka for quality conscious consumers who expect nothing less from this upscale, refined product. Kutskova, "The Noble" Russian Vodka is the gold standard against which all other vodkas should be measured.

Las Vegas Vodka
A vodka that glows

Liquid Vodka
Get Wet

Luxury Vodka tm ZLATOGOR
The Ukrainian Distillery "Zlatogor Ltd" is one of the oldest Ukrainian (exUSSR)company in producing various vodka and other alcoholic beverages in Ukraine.

LVZ Yaroslavsky
A liquor and vodka factory

Medos Polish Honey Vodka
Official site for US distributors of Medos Polish Honey Vodka. Honey Vodka, with its taste of warmth and mystery, matches the Spring passions that brew through long winters. Medos is the best Honey Vodka in the world.

Mernaya and Business Class Vodka
Created in 1864 by Dr. Dmitry Mendeleyev, Mernaya contains the original ingredients consisting of native artesian water and spirits of the Lipniky region.

The best vodka from Slovakia - originating from the mountain region of the High Tatras, where lives ethnic highlanders. Goral Vodka is produced from the Tatra mountain water, giving it a distinctive taste.

Minsk Vodka
Made in Belarus from organic winter grain and pure artesian water extracted from a natural well underneath the Kristall distillery. Minsk undergoes a slow distillation process and extensive purification to bring you a smoother premium product.

Mongolz Vodka
THE MONGOLZ vodka reawakens this history of a proud leader and represents the glory of Chinggis' homeland of Mongolia, a place of adventure and pristine nature producing a drink of purity and greatness, especially for those who appreciate the best vodka the world can offer.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Vodka. Finally in US.

National Brand Vodka
Website for RUSSIAN NATIONAL Brand VODKA. 5x Distilled from Wheat and NJ retail on avg is $13.99.

Awesome vodka! The world's second best selling vodka brand.

New Deal Distillery
Craft distiller on Distillery Row in Portland Oregon, make great vodka and gin. Their Portland 88 vodka is clean, crisp, and refreshing.

Nord, Sobieski, & Youri Dolgoruki Vodkas
Links to Sobieski, Nord, and Youri Dolgoruki vodka's.

Old Russia Distillery and Spirits
Home of Metore's Russian Heritage Grain Vodka.

Old Russian Vodka
Old Russian (Staro Russkaya) is a Russian vodka distilled and packaged in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. It has drawn superlative ratings and comments by reviewers for its superb taste. Old Russian is sold in the United States exclusively by Pottsdam Import & Export, Inc. Their website provides information about the products, jokes, recipes, and a guide on "How To Recognize Authentic Russian Vodka."

Olde Imperial MYSTIC Vodka with Hemp Seeds
Mystic Hemp Vodka is hand-crafted from Non-Gmo Corn which is carefully fermented and then distilled 6 times to achieve an exceptionally smooth spirit. Organically grown Hemp Seed are then macerated imparting it distinctive flavor profile before being brought to 80 proof with natural vanilla being added before being bottled in its Eco-friendly aluminum bottle. Mystic yields a pleasant nose which continues into the palate where it is joined by subtle nuttiness before culminating in a pleasing Vanilla finish with little to no heat.

Olde Imperial MYSTIC Vodka with Hemp Seeds
Mystic Vodka infused with oil from organic Hemp Seeds Hearts, Subtle Nutty flavor ( from the hemp seed oil) on the front of the palate with a pleasing hint of Vanilla on the finish. Little to no heat. Made in the USA all natural ingredients. Gluten Free. Eco-Friendly

Orange V
Orange V is an American spirit crafted in small batches out of organic grain and flavored with an intense burst of Florida oranges.

Original Russian Vodka
From Russia with love

OVAL Vodka
This is the official site for OVAL vodka, an 84 proof structured vodka from Vienna, Austria.

OYO Vodka
A micro-distillery located in Columbus, OH. Middle West makes a wheat based vodka called OYO. The vodka has a lot more flavor than the over burned neutrals that seem so popular these days... more reminiscent of spirits enjoyed in western europe than the indistrially distilled commercial options available here in the states.

Pearl Vodka
Produced from fine Canadian wheat, this vodka sports a very distinctive, pearl-white bottle.

Perfect 1864 Ultra-Premium Vodka
Perfect 1864 ultra-premium vodka is made in accordance with France's most Each batch produced is certified by the by the Master Distillers of Grandes Distilleries Peureux, masters in "The Art of Distillation." This methodology seperates France from other spirits producing countries, ensuring each batch's quality from the agricultural stage to the purest spirits. This careful attention to detail is a hallmark of the French tradition and for this reason has been designated as "The French Vodka." Perfect 1864 uses only finest tender wheat from the plains of Brie, Champagne and is enriched with the waters of the Vosges region, one of the purest waters in the world and is the only water used in its production. History, pedigree, origin and tradition have created a unique story, the story that is the Perfect 1864 brand. The only vodka in the world to require certification of origin and quality of each ingredient. These certificates are provided with every batch number produced. The Master Distillers of Peureux have surpassed all previous levels of quality in their quest to produce the smoothest vodka in the world.

Peureux Perfect 1864
Ultra-premium French vodka, Peureux Perfect 1864, "The Smoothest Vodka on Earth," is the only vodka in the world to provide certification of the origin and quality of each ingredient and with every batch produced. Each certificate is registered by its batch number and date and certified by the Master Distillers of Grandes Distilleries Peureux, masters in the, "Art of Distillation."

Pincer Vodka
Premium grain vodka, infused with the delicate botanical extracts of Milk Thistle and Wild Elderflower. Made in Scotland.

Polish Vodka Company
Distillers of vodka, gin, cordials, and spirits.

Polish Vodka Embassy - Discovering Polish Vodka
Description of major Polish Vodkas with possibility of getting one directly from Poland.

Precis Vodka
Precis is a smooth vodka made with a patented precision distillation. Each bottle is hand-blown and very sexy.

Primo Vodka
Primo Vodka made from 100% Malbec grapes in Argentina The only luxury vodka made from a single variety grapes coming Chardonay vodka,Cabernet Savignon vodka

Puhre Vodka
Puhre French Ultra premium vodka, made in Cognac, France.

Puriste Premium Vodka
Puriste Premium Vodka from Austria, a brand developed by two Austrian vintners/winemakers, Kracher and Hillinger

Quay Vodka

Rain Vodka
Rain Vodka home page

Red Army Vodka
Red Army Vodka

Regalia Vodka

Reval Classic Vodka
An authentic Estonian vodka. Exceptional vodka in an elegant/unpretentious package sold at a competitive price. A true value.

Russian Premium Spirits
"Russian Premium Spirits" presents a Premium Russian Vodka brandname "Russian Premium-Velvet" - extremely smooth vodka specially designed and handcrafted for the US market. "RP-Velvet" vodka is distilled of 100% grain spirits and has natural additives which lessen intoxication of the blood and, thus, prevent possible (due to overdrinking)morning-after syndrom.

Score Vodka
Kosher vodka imported from Ukraine. Distilled 7 times, low levels of aldehydes (impurities). Sold in US for 10-15 bucks.

Select drinks
Main Bulgarian distiller.

Seven Brothers

Shakers American Vodka
Shakers Original Amerian Vodka - born and bred in Minnesota.

Siberia Russian Vodka
Caution! May cause warming sensation! Crystal clear water from Siberian artesian wells filtered through multi-layer sand filters and alcohol produced from carefully selected wheat grains create an exceptionally delicate, rich, smooth, Russian classic taste. "Siberia" vodka is produced from "Luxe" spirit of the highest purification. It undergoes unique processing through birch charcoal followed by triple filtration. After this process, "Siberia" vodka obtains exceptional crystal shine and clarity. It is a unique technology that enhances this product to perfection.

Siku Glacier Ice Vodka
Siku Glacier Ice Vodka is created in the Netherlands by blending the finest, 5-times distilled spirits available with ancient (60,000 years old ancient!), pristine glacier ice from Greenland using a proprietery ice blending process. The result is an icredibly smooth vodka, possibly the smoothest vodka in the world!

Silver Lake Vodka
Company website.

Sin Spirit's Vodgria
Vodgria is the first and only vodka with sangria flavor, sangria in a vodka bottle. It won a silver medal at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America tasting competition 2010.

Sin Ultra Premium Vodka
So Good it Should be a Sin. Small batch Vodka made using the Finest Ingredients and pure spring water.

Skyy Vodka
The San Francisco vodka in the blue bottle.

Slava Ultra Premium Vodka
The word Slava means Glory, a fitting name for one of the worlds best vodkas. As with only the finest, Ultra-premium Slava is four-times distilled for greater purity and smoothness. It has an exceptionally soft and velvety mouth-feel, a strong character and a delightful warm and slightly sweet finish evoking vanilla and citrus notes. Slava is superb when taken neat, but will make martinis and cocktails that are clearly superior. Quite simply, it is the best vodka you will ever taste, at any price.


Smirnoff Vodka
Smirnoff's site includes a daily drinks, a cocktail generator, and electronic postcards.

Solidarnosc Vodka
High Quality Premium Polish Vodka, Exported to the UK and China.

Southern Curves Spirits
Southern Curves Vodka consist of three two flavors and one non flavored. Southern Praline Vodka, Sweet Georgia Nectar Vodka and NEKED Vodka. Owner and creator Michelle Weber is out of Savannah, Georgia. Six times distilled this is a premium brand with great packaging.

Sputnik Vodka
New very smooth vodka called Sputnik, named after the satelite. One of the few genuine Russian vodkas best served cold as a shot, with good friends and salty food.

St. Claire Vodka
St. Claire Green Tea Flavored Vodka is an exciting blend of neutral grain spirits, green tea extract and natural honey. By using honey as our only natural sweetener, we are able to provide our clients with one the lowest calorie (57) beverages on the market today.

Status Original Vodka
At The World Beverage Competition, the judges say, Status Original Vodka is "In a Class by itself.". The SMOOTHEST VODKA you will ever drink! NO BITE-NO BURN!

Stolichnaya Vodka
The Stoli site is always a fun place to visit.

Stön Vodka
Stön Vodka, a premium 80 proof vodka mixed or "cooked" with water from wells fed from ancient glaciers at the Remedia distillery in Estonia. The vodka is clear and bright in color. It strikes the palate as pure and neutral with no discernable odor or aftertaste.

SV Silk Vodka
SV Silk Vodka website with cocktail recipes, promotional events, where to find it retailer locator.

Svensk Vodka
A premium Swedish vodka.

Svensk Vodka
Incredibly smooth.

Symphony Vodka
The original Vodka from Czech Republic

Tatatarstan Vodka
Welcome to Tatspirtprom’s web-site! Tatspirtprom is the biggest alcohol producer in Russia. During many centuries vodka from alcohol that was made from natural grain, carefully grown by hands of people, is being produced on the territory of Tatarstan. The unique nature of Tatar land makes the taste of our vodka pure and soft.

The Jewel of Russia
Not just another vodka from Russia. "Classy Stuff" The Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago.

Thor's Hammer Vodka
Homepage for this vodka from Norway.

Three Sixty Vodka
This Vodka is a classic from the 60´s! German Vodka made from Organically grown grain. Smoothest Vodka due to unique Diamond Filtration(TM). Check out the bottle!!

Tito's Handmade Vodka
We're not sure who Tito is, but we love the idea of a handmade vodka.

Topaz Vodka
The best Russian Vodka on the market.

Tovaritch Vodka
The Original Genuine Russian Tovaritch Vodka. The bottle, with a Mayakovsky-style, 1920s engraved colored design, is the innovative project of a Russian company (www.vivace.ru) owned by an Italian man ...

True North Vodka
Michigan's own award winning vodka. 2008 Gold medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 2007 Gold medal, exceptional rating, Internationa Review of Spirits. We use Michigan grown rye as our grain source.

Ursus Vodka
Ursus means "bear" in Latin. The site includes information on and the history behind this liquor from Holland.

V1 Vodka
CLEAN DRINKING are two words that V-One's founder says best describe the vodka. Paul Kozub started experimenting with vodka in the basement of his Hadley, MA home to honor his Polish Grandfather and Entrepreneurial Father. He then traveled throughout Poland looking for a distillery that could produce the 'world's most drinkable vodka'. V-One is handcrafted in small batches near the birthplace of vodka in Lublin Poland. Distilled 5x and made from 100% organic Spelt, V-One is FDA certified gluten free.

This award winning Russian vodka is made from ancient secret recipes, unparalleled smoothness and flavor that is perfect served chilled or as a mixer.

Ver2 Vodka
The Ultimate Party Spirit 5 times distilled premium vodka infused with caffeine and guarana.

Vincent Vodka
A superb new vodka from Holland.

Vision Vodka
Vision Vodka, the world's smoothest vodka, is an American made luxury Vodka. Expertly distilled in Oregon using the finest ingredients from America's heartland, Vision Vodka is filtered five times and undergoes a special finishing process to achieve its unparalleled taste. Vision represents a passion for excellence and a willingness to challenge tradition in the pursuit of superior taste and design.

Vodka & Whisky, The world of Magic Spirits
Presentation of different magic vodka and whisky premium brands. Including a Cocktail database where you can select the ingredients you have and you will get the recipes.

Vodka Doctor's
Bulgarian Vodka

High quality vodka brand of Burgaz Alcoholic Beverages (www.burgaz.com) which produce also Raki and Gin. Available alternatives: pure and green apple, vanilla, lemon, orange flavored...

Vodka Kalashnikov
A must-have for collectors and connoisseurs of the fine spirits. It looks like the legendary AK-47 Rifle, but it holds several rounds of the finest Original Russian vodka.

Vodka Perfect - Kosher Vodka
Producers of classic, premium, flavored and Kosher vodka products. Worldwide distribution and on demand private label services.

Vodka Rodimaya
Vodka from Russia

The UKs largest selection of vodka available on-line.

New Russian vodka - available in US soon! Watch your it in your local stores. .RU Ready?

Vox Vodka
Home of Vox Vodka

VuQo Premium Vodka
Vodka Distilled from Coconut Nectar

The genuine vodka company

Xellent Swiss Vodka
If you want pure sophistication and smooth yet characterful vodka try Xellent

Yukon Winter Vodka
Yukon Gold potato base, blended with Canadian barley and rye. With hints of soft wheat, anise, and vanilla, it delivers a slightly sweet, lingering medium-bodied taste.

Zaklady Przemyslu Spirytusowego Polmos
A producer of spirits and vodkas in Torun, Poland.

Zaren Vodka
Zaren Vodka Vodka German

Zaverich Vodka
Mexican brand Danish Vodka

Zim's Vodka

Zirkova Imported Vodka
Superb, value-priced imported vodka from Ukraine.

Zodiac Vodka
An incredibly smooth, great tasting American vodka. Distilled and bottled in Idaho, Zodiac is 100% neutral potato spirits (and the bottle's not bad looking either!)

Zone Vodka
Banana vodka? You bet. And other interesting fruit infusions as well.

Zygo Energy Vodka
Zygo Energy Vodka

ZYR [zeer], short for Zyrkalo Mira or Reflection of the World, launched in NY in October 2002 and Miami in March 2003. Crafted from a blend of wheat and rye, ZYR is clean, fresh and smooth with a touch of sweetness at the finish. ZYR is perfect neat, on the rocks or in a Martini. ZYR received the 7th five star review in 13 years in F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal and the highest ratings from Wine Enthusiast, CLASSIC: (96-100). Founder Dave Katz, a resident of Moscow from 1995-2000 visited nearly thirty factories in Russia as well as retaining the Moscow Beverage Institute, the sole certifying and governing body on spirit recipes. He is a vodka expert and has spoken and led vodka tastings at Bloomberg, with Acker-Merrill & Condit and more. He is a Russophile (B.A. Russian Studies and Political Science) and a Vodkaphile. Try ZYR neat, on the rocks, and preferably with a pickle. Enjoy the site.


A.P.E. Alcohol Purifying Element
A.P.E. is a high grade activated carbon use it to take the impurities out of cheap vodka. Turn bad booze into smooth booze

Alcoholic Beverages & More
buy online alcoholic beverages, fine wine and spirits, tequila, vodka, bar mixes and more!


Buy vodka brands at Drinkon.com
Drinkon.com stocks a wide range of premium vodka brands including Belvedere, Ciroc, Grey Goose, Kauffman, Polstar, Russky, Smirnoff, and Stolichnaya vodkas. Order from our online store.

Cordial Waters
Cordial Waters, a compleat guide to ardent spirits of the world, V.Pavliuchuk, 2009.

Subzero Vodka Bar
official website of one of the best vodka bars in the country. They are soon to be certified as the largest vodka selection in the world

The Purveyor
The Purveyor is a online store selling top vodka brands. Visit us and you will find information on how to make your favourite vodka cocktail!

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Vodka Pub Crawl - A walking tour in St.Petersburg
Take a crawl around the local pubs and bars. We will try beers and vodkas in some of the most popular drinking spots in the central part of St. Petersburg. A deep insight lecture about the Russian drink #1.

Vodkatrain is Trans Siberian & Trans Mongolian Railway journeys for 18 to 35s Vodkatrain is about expeiencing Russia, Mongolia & China at ground level, travelling with locals, experiencing the cities with Honchos, and eating out & getting around at local prices ...

Winemaking and beer brewing supplies
With over 1200 winemaking and beer brewing items in stock, vodka, Country Wines is an excellent source for the home wine maker


Flavored Vodka Tasting
C'est What offers this thorough taste test of some of the best flavored vodkas.

Hack Your Vodka: Ice Packs and Pie Crusts
So long vodka soda's: Use vodka to make a killer pie crust, mouthwash, or an ice pack. (Who knew?!)

Home Distillation of Alcohol (Samogon)
Comprehensive information on home distilling, including vodka, (where legal of course).

Horilka - Vodka of Ukraine
Information about Ukrainian vodka and samohonka - Ukrainian moonshine

The Art of Drinking Vodka
An offbeat read by Anatoly Merzavchik (you look up what this pen name means in Russian).

To Filter or Not to Filter
A nice article on the Kryshtal website that argues that vodka should never be filtered more than twice or distilled more than once. You wouldn't want an odorless, colorless scotch, after all...


600 Years with the Green Dragon
This article on the 600 years of Russia's vodka history is actually located on our site and a must read for vodkaphiles.

An Essay on the History of Vodka
From the folks at Tastings.com, a fun, offbeat history of vodka.

Of Charkas and Stopas
This vodka importer has an interesting page on some vodka history. Read about some of the early measurements for the beverage, and why measuring vodka strength by % alcohol vs. degrees (weight) is inherently inferior.

Russian Vodka
All about Russian Vodka: history of vodka, Russian drinking traditions, folklore, sayings, proverbs, humour, anecdotes ...

Vodka Alchemy
Some unusual vodka infusions. Don't try these at home!

Info Sites

1147 Vodka The Blog
This is the blog of 1147vodka.com, American importers of White Birch (Belaya Berezka) and Old Russian (Staro Russkaya) vodkas from Russia. The blog showcases 1147vodka.com's products but also provides commentary on vodka culture and marketing, as well as a platform for users to submit their own posts and comments.

About Cocktails
Recipes, history, humor, postcards, toasts, forum....

This is a German Blog about Vodka ... and other alcohol. :)

Awesome Chef Recipes
Creative gourmet recipes from professional chef Brian Johnson.

If you are in the Seattle area...Here at Barca, you will find the largest selection of vodkas, in Seattle and Washington State.

Bartend Now Bartending School & Accessories
Bartending School, training on DVD/VHS or download online now for only $9.95. Get your Bartender Certification online now! Make lot’s of money easy, be a certified, professional bartender. Learn how to bartend for work or at home, mix drinks & throw a great party! Bar accessories & equipment, recipes guides. Free Shipping on all products!

Bartending School
Hands on bartending training in the Washington DC region with job placement assistance throughout the region and nationwide.

Bartv.com - Dedicated To Liquid
Features cocktail recipes, bartending tips and tricks as well as articles on cocktail culture.

Cooking With Vodka
A regularly updated weblog about cooking with vodka by John Rose, the author of THE VODKA COOKBOOK (in association with Smirnoff Vodka). It's filled with information about the author and all things vodka. New recipes added weekly.

A patented crystal shot glass with a precision fitting top that enables shots of vodka to be stored in a freezer for extended periods of time, ready for consumption. The CoolShot is the only product available for storage and consumption of vodka at subzero temperatures.

Culinary Schools
Directory of culinary schools and culinary arts programs. Better have a little food to soak up that vodka!

Davay! The Russians and their vodka
Edwin Trommelen shows in his book the intertwinement of vodka and Russian society and deals with questions like: Why do the Russians drink? How long have they been drinking? Why so much and so passionately? He writes about the economic significance of vodka over the years and about the eternal Russian dilemma: profit for the treasury or public health? The author abundantly quotes from Russian literature, as if to let the Russians speak for themselves. Not only classics from the 19th century like Dostoevsky, Gogol and Chekhov provide the book with grotesque scenes and wise words, but also modern writers like Yerofeyev, Bulgakov and Solzhenitsyn. A significant part of the quotations are translated into Dutch for the first time.

Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filters
These filters improve cheap liquor. The Gray Kangaroo makes cheap liquor taste like expensive liquor it also removes the particulate matter which cause hangover, nausea and sickness. Now you can drink more and more often with the Gray Kangaroo.

Hangover Cures
Information on hangover cures plus hangover tips, hangover remedies, the chaser hangover relief, hangover helper, hangover prevention, and some folk remedies hangover cures.

The most comprehensive listing of vodka brands and distillers we have found anywhere.

Pprovides locations and contact information for liquor stores in the U.S., searchable by city.

Make your own
"The Distillation of Alcohol: A Guide for Amateur Distillers" can be purchased and reviewed at this website.

Martini Swords.com
Warning Great Gifts Ahead Martini Swords and more...

Mixed Drink Recipes
Largest cocktail recipes collection with detailed ingredients and instructions. Features drink making videos!

Polish Vodka site
You can read up on the Polish claims to vodka provenance. A good reading on the history of vodka here. We particularly liked the information that: "The thirteenth-century alchemist Arnaud de Villeneuve of Montpelier wrote that it 'strengthens the body and lengthens life.'" Of course, that was Montpelier, France. Today's Vodkaphiles is based in Montpelier, Vermont.

Revolution Vodka bars
Chain of vodka bars in the United Kingdom. Over 100 different vodkas.

Shotglass Chess
Shotglass chess sets including unique shot glasses, a premium glass board and great vodka recipes.

The World's Coolest Party Products! Your favorite drinks flow down Luge Trails on a large block of ice and arrive freezing cold. Our state-of-the-art Sled, Base, and ShotSuckers make hosting ShotLuge Parties fun, clean and safe!

The Weird World of the Pagan Fishgod Priests
The History Behind The Pagan FishGod Priests We the highly motivated and intoxicated priests do good to our Beer/Fish God every year to insure good fishing during that season. Many of our tests and rituals are very strange and dangerous. Our home the Mystic Lake near Mt. Rainier Washington State USA is haunted. 1993 early morning a group of would be fishermen encountered a Large unearthly fishlike thing pearing at them from just offshore.It arose and its eyes did glow the group of beerzombie fishermen dawned their hillbilly beerbox headgear for the first time and did dance about the firepit

United Vodka
United Vodka is number one tasting competition in Europe.

Vodka Cheatsheet
hundreds of vodka cocktail recipes on one laminated sheet,CD or Download. Also Bartender's Cheatsheet,Martini and Shooter Cheatsheets.

Vodka Miam
Recettes de vodka aux bonbons, essayez la vodka tagada de la marque haribo vous allez en tomber amoureux.

Vodka Reviews
This is a page on our website Dipsophilia.com, a web site dedicated to the love of drinking - please check us out! Please feel free to offer any comments or contributions to our website by emailing me at jackie@dipsophilia.com

Here you'll find a lot of information - latest news from Russia and around the World, history, rewiews, shops, events, books, production and etc. Welcome to forum where russians fans of vodka are meeting. You can find friends and ask any questions.

This shop has the largest selection of vodkas in Germany. Well worth a visit.

Link to a new vodkainfusion program launched by Fris Vodka.

VodkaWorks is part of the BoozeWorks.com Network along with WineryWorks, PotatoWorks and SakeWorks.

A Russian site with lots of great info about vodka, including poems, songs and much more...

The widest selection of Vodka available in the UK is available from the same source as the widest selection of Whisky ...


Anestasia Vodka
Anestasia Vodka's review by Beverage Testing Institute.

First World Vodka Drinking Championship
The First World Vodka drinking Championship and annual Vodka competition in Russian Restaurant Tzar Ivan, Dublin, Ireland

How to Re-establish a Vodka Empire
The film "How to Re-establish a Vodka Empire" is being premiered at the London Film Festival on October 20th. The Vodka is Zorokovich 1917

Revolution Vodka Bars
The UK's only chain of high quality vodka bars. Over 60 premium vodkas available, great vodka-based cocktail list and a range of 30 flavoured and infused vodkas made at their very own vodka factory.

Subject: Vodka Magazine Enter-To-Win Contest
Vodka Magazine is inviting readers to chill out when they hang out this summer with its ‘Chillout With Ice Java’ Sweepstakes. Entrants, who must be 21 or older, have the chance to win the ultimate entertaining prize pack. The pack contains everything needed to create the tasty “Javatini” cocktail. The enter-to-win promotion begins Friday, August 6, 2004 and ends October 11, 2004. Be cool and enter now!

The Vodka Cookbook by John Rose (in association with Smirnoff vodka) is the ultimate resource for meals and treats featuring vodka. Learn to infuse and cook with vodka from the expert. Published October 2005 and available at booksellers everywhere. Click in this link to order today.

Virtuous Vodka
Not out on the market yet. Just wanted to give you a headsup on what's coming: an all organic vodka that embraces the tastebuds.

World Most Expensive Vodka
The first bottle of one million euro vodka will be gifted to Prince Albert of Monaco at the Top Marques at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco next April. Russo-Baltique Vodka was created “to woo Russian royalty, tycoons and wealthy aficionados worldwide,” and it has the opulent bottle, no doubt made of real gold, to prove it.


Alto Recipes
Huge collection of highly selective recipes...

Authentic Mouth Watering Indian Beverages
Award winning Indian recipes website. Has Indian recipes, tips and tricks, unbiased cookbook reviews, glossary, calorie chart, festivals, measurement conversion, kitchenware etc.

Bloody Marys
In depth collection of Bloody Mary Recipes, history and more.

Cocktail Times Vodka Cocktails
Classic vodka cocktails to the latest vodka martini recipes submitted by Cocktail Times.com

Cocktail Times | Vodka Cocktails
A bunch of vodka based cocktail recipes, cooking with vodka, basic bartending information etc...

Danish Schnapps Recipes
Flavoured schnapps based on vodka and natural flavourings such as herbs, fruits, berries, roots, leaves, blossoms, seeds, peels, beans, pods and spices tastes good, really good. Learn about the basic principles and try for yourself. It's great fun, fascinating and very rewarding.

Thousands of drink recipes organized with great easy-to-use searches. Drinknation also has cool stuff on bar games, bartending and an awesome weekly email.

Eat Recipes
Wide variety of recipes with nutritional analysis, recipe review, online recipe storage and more.

Free Cocktail Recipes
thousands of drink recipes that use Vodka! including thousands of other recipes for cocktails, shots and beer!

Homemade Kahlua Recipe
Perfect for home use or gifts.

Homemade Vanilla Recipe
Perfect for home use or gifts.

Welcome to Infused-Vodka.com, supplying you with Infused Vodka kits, supplies, and all things needed to make a variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles of Infused Vodka! The Perfect gift for anyone who enjoys flavored vodka. Infused Vodka can also make a striking accent to any kitchen or bar.

Screwdriver Carrot Cake
An after dinner drink and dessert in one.

Vodka Cheatsheet, Martini Cheatsheet of Recipes
hundreds of recipes on 1 laminated sheet, CD or Download. Different sheets include Bartender's Cheatsheet, Martini Cheatsheet, Vodka, Shooter, Rum, Gin and more.

Vodka Sauce
A rich vodka sauce with sausage.

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