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Vodka Tincture


Mullein Leaf Respiratory Remedy
Fill jar with fresh wilted mullein leaves to 1/2 inch from top. Cover to top with vodka. Place lid on, let set for six weeks. Strain, rebottle into amber jars.

Tinctures are highly concentrated liquid extracts of herbs. They are simple to prepare and easy to administer. To make a tincture, chop herbs finely. It is essential that you choose only good quality herbs to tincture. If using fresh plant material, wilt the herb slightly (about six to 12 hours) before using. Fill jar to the neck with the herb, packing somewhat. If dried plant material is used, fill jar 3/4 full. As a general rule, tinctures are better if made with fresh plant material. Pour alcohol, vinegar, or vegetable glycerin over the herbs. Alcohol makes the best extraction and gives the longest shelf life (use 80 to 100 proof; vodka is a common choice). Fill to the top of the jar, making sure that the liquid completely covers the herb. Place the jars in a warm, dark place and let sit for six weeks. Shake the jars daily. At the end of the appropriate time, strain the herb from the liquid. Be Sure To Label Your Preparation Clearly! Dosage is dependent on the herb, but usually it is one dropperful (25 to 30 drops) in one cup water or tea, two to three times/day, six days/week. (These instructions come from Wellness magazine online.)

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