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A drink from the Isle of Capri. This recipe comes from Limoncello Restaurant, 777 Seventh Ave, NY, NY 212 582 7932 Ask for Evelyn Adler, Mgr 1 Quart 80 Proof Vodka Peel of 5 Lemons Peel of 3 Limes 1 Quart distilled Water 3 Cups Sugar

Mix vodka with lemon and lime peels and let stand in jar or bottle for 2 weeks. Make simple syrup by mixing water and sugar and bringing it to a boil. Cool syrup to room tempurature. Add to the vodka mixture, strain through cheesecloth and transfer to a bottle. Chill in freezer. If it freezes then add some Vodka until you reach a point that it will not freeze. Adjust your recipe for future batches. Note: I also added the peel of one Orange. Serve from the freezer Delicioso

Submitted by: R. L. Lesnick

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