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Vodka Chili


Squeeze half a lime Pinch of salt 1 or 2 chili (s) slit along the length (Hold chillies in a glass / bowl of water before you slice them) Soda/ Water Vodka

RUB (DON'T SQUEEZE) a lime slice along the rim of the glass in which you intend to consume. Have salt in a flat plate and slowly get a coat of salt along the rim of the glass with the glass inverted. Squeeze the juice from the lime into the glass. Roll the chili (s) in the salt, so that the chilli is covered with salt. Add the chili (s) and pinch of salt with the lime juice. Add Vodka. Pour soda or water. Use stirrer as you pour soda or water. Vodka chilli ready to sip.... ** Mind the chilli seeds..... they spike your lips...

Submitted by: Pamy

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