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Chad Johnson

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Black Vodka! A small English variety of vodka, I highly recommend it to everyone. The black color comes from the herb black catechu which adds little to the taste and removes the burn in the aftertaste. The result is a very smooth and refined beverage, if a bit odd in color. Mixing drinks with Blavod is a challenge as the color of the liquor does not lend itself to many fruit-based mixed drinks (e.g. screwdrivers). Vodka-crans are a notable exception and Blavod with cranberry juice makes a stunning looking and tasting drink. The official website is at http://www.blavod.com .

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This is the vodka that got me drinking vodka again. Mixes excellently in fruit-based beverages, tastes wonderful straight and is pleasing at either room temperature or frozen. A very distinctively flavored liquor.

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The companion to Chopin, also a quality vodka. Not as good as Chopin at room temperature, but I thought it was better than Chopin frozen. Also, the bottle contains a very good indicator for when you've consumed too much. On the top of the corkpiece is a label seal with the words "POLISH VODKA". When you read this as "polish vodka" as opposed to "Polish Vodka", you should probably put it away. Contrary to what you may be thinking after reading "polish vodka", Belvedere isn't the greatest household cleaner...

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Skyy is a decent vodka but in my opinion does not take well to being served at room temperature. I don't care for Skyy straight but it mixes well, especially for martinis. I rate this vodka as somewhere between Blavod, Chopin and Belvedere on the high end and Smirnoff on the low end.

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