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Caleb Villeda

Reviews to date: 2Average score: 4.00

Youri Dolgoruki

Nothing comes close to this vodka. It's not easy to find but when you do... It's extremely smooth and has a very clean taste and aroma. You'll love the silky mouthfeel and it has a very nice aftertaste. Makes you want to drink more. Nothing I've had so far compares to it and I've had a LOT of vodka. I drink it straight. I save the Ketel One for mixed drinks now. Added bonus: my wife loves the bottle. I'm her helping build a collection.

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Grey Goose

I usually drink vodka straight up. Maybe because of the high ratings this vodka has recieved I expected a smoother taste. Then again maybe it's supposed to be on the harsher side. Either way it's only ok and not outstanding or good.

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