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Kjetil Aamann

Reviews to date: 9Average score: 4.44


A smooth kiss! And you can find it almost everywhere.

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IMHO the pearl among Bulgarian vodkas. A smooth beauty.

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Viking Fjord

The only Scandinavian brand of 'Slavic' style vodka. In Norway, this should be your choice if you drink vodka with zakuski.

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'Soft' Russian vodka. Expencive, but worth every rubel. My favourite Russian vodka. It is also distributed outside Russia, and the name is often spelled 'Stolnaya'.

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Russian Standard Premium

It's out of this world!!!

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Select Original

One of the most popular Bulgarian brands. Reminds me of Polish vodkas and mixes well with fruit juices. Comes in handy PET bottles.

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Romanian vodka at it's best. Has a little bite. Served at -8°C, it's wonderful.

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'Bars' means 'snow leopard'. It is one of many Kazakh vodkas of high quality with a little bite in it. When traveling in central Asia - Kazakh vodkas are your best bet.

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A smooth, sexy Bulgarian vodka. Analysis indicate that there are some other alcohols added to it, so be careful!

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