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Carey Holzman

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One of the best out there, and at $30 a bottle it should be. Mix it with 7Up or Orange Juice and you won't even taste it. Be careful with this stuff, cause you might just get off your chair for a refill and need to catch your balance.

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Red Army

This vodka has got to be the very best vodka I have ever had. I have to admit, I purchased it for the cool bottle, I had no idea the contents would be the best I have ever had.

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Definately one of the great vodkas. My only complaint is I can't seem to find it at any of the grocery stores or liquor stores any more. Vox has very similar qualities, albeit, for about $10 more a bottle.

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Artic Peach

Chill this vodka and drink it straight! At only 50 proof (most vodkas are 80 proof) this vodka goes down easy and there is no need to mix it with anything. And for approx. $15 a bottle, this Italian vodka is a steal for the price. Leave this bottle in the freezer and the contents will freeze solid. This is definately one of the most unique flavored vodka's I have ever tried.

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Ketel One

I think this vodka is ok. It's interesting that the manufacturers throw out the first third of the vat, bottle the second third, and throw out the top third. Not sure what difference this makes, but I think for $20 a bottle, it's a bit over priced.

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Cosmos (or Kocmoc) is a great vodka, in a big Russian-Space-Craft looking bottle (a full liter!) for just $20! The bottle is the tallest vodka bottle I have ever seen. But, while I bought it for the bottle, the contents were surprising! It's a standard 80 proof smooth (distilled 5 times from 100% neutral grain spirits) vodka made in Holland, using a "Secret Russian recipe". Whatever. All I know is, it's a lot of vodka for the price, the vodka is exceptional in quality and the bottle is a real conversation piece.

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Pearl Vodka is made in Canada from wheat (almost 2 lbs of wheat for one bottle). I bought it based on Wine Enthusiast Magazine who rated it 95-100 points. It's a standard 80 proof (40%) vodka, nothing particularly special about the bottle, or the contents. At $25, I expected better.

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Zone Peach Flavored

Zone Peach flavored vodka is a 50 proof (25%) vodka made in Italy. Artic and Zone seem to have similar bottles, similar flavors and both are 50 proof and both are made in Italy. Having tried the Artic Peach, then trying the Zone Peach, I think the Artic Peach was better. The lower alcohol content allows these drinks to go down smoother when drinking them straight (preferrably chilled). The Zone vodka definately had more of a bite to it and was not as smooth, but overall, it's not terrible either.

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Grey Goose

Very disappointed in Grey Goose, as well as the Orange flavor. I found it bold and harsh. My tongue prefers Cosmos, Fris or Vox. This seems very over-rated.

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I found this vodka to be harsh and bold. Definately not my style and not worth the price. My tastes prefer Vox or Fris.

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Definately one of the most over-rated vodkas out there. It's amazing what a good ad-campaign can do. I'd rather drink Gordon's than Stoly.

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