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Gary C.

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5, easily! I was always partial to Wyborowa, but the price kept going up on it, where the price of Luksosowa has stayed about the same and it's every bit as good. The only thing I like better is Koskenkorva (anyone else here partial to it?), but I only get that when my friend's wife goes to Finland and nabs a bottle (haven't been able to find it in NJ-US). Also, I think it's a good bit more expensive. Glad to find this sight and know I'm in good company! Cheers...

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Wow, I've just submitted some comments on Luksusowa, then decided to see if anyone had reviewed the Finnish vodka Koskenkorva. Seems I'm the first. Unfortunately, I only have it when my friend's wife brings some back from Finland. I don't know if it is expensive, but it is an superior and exquisite vodka and I highly recommend it. Check it out and let me know what you think! Wish I could find it here (NJ-US). Cheers... Gary

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