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Jewel of Russia Classic

By far the finest Vodka I have had. Smooth texture, light but lovely flavor, and never a hangover. Well worth the modest $30 price tag. The bottle has a classic look that makes for an elegant gift, or shelftop collectible.

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Ketel One

A smooth vodka, that has just a hint of flavor, and perfect viscosity. This top shelf Vodka is my (comparatively) low-priced any day vodka. Never a hangover and always a pleasant time, second in my book only to Jewel of Russia

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Grey Goose

A decent vodka, but not worth the hype or the price. The flavor is overwhelming and that takes away from the pureness I personally desire. From the flavor, and my experiences the day after having this, its obvious that its not been purified, or the flavor enchancing additives have caused my headache. At the same price range Cristall, or Jewel of Russia are much better choice.

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