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At my own personal Vodka taste-off party (about 20 people) this one scored the best. It scored highly by almost everyone, except the two people who think that vodka should taste like hairspray. I personaly scored it very highly. It's smooth, but not quite tateless, a bit of a wheaty flavor, but smooth as silk. I'd put it on the same level as Grey Goose, but considering that it's $10 a bottle less expensive, I'd say it's a much, much better deal.

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Smirnoff Black

First off, let's be sure you understand. This is Smirnoff Black, not to be confused with Smirnoff 150 proof that has a black colored label. As far as I know, Smirnoff Black is not yet imported to the United States, so most of us Americans have never had the pleasure of tasting it. I ordered it in Europe, and fell in love with it. You're probably thinking that since it's Smirnoff, it's pretty bad, like their other Vodkas. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. For this one, Smirnoff has moved back to Moscow to distill. This is no cheap, American, bottom shelf Vodka. This is upper top shelf, and is the smoothest you'll ever taste. It DOES, however, have a distinct sweet flavor, but not an annoying sweet flavor. I can't wait for one of my friends to come back from Europe to bring me a bottle.

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For a medium priced Vodka, this is quite good. Very smooth and waterlike (just like a Vodka should be). It's a shame to go into a bar and watch someone order Absolut when there's a bottle of Skyy sitting right next to it. Skyy is sometimes advertised as "the no hangover vodka". Well, yes, this is true, but is also true for just about ANY premium vodka, as they are distilled more times to remove the impurities. It should be advertised as the "lower priced no hangover vodka".

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Grey Goose

Here's where Grey Goose fits into the picture. You've been invited to d dinner party with friends. You know the host will offer you a drink. You know the host isn't a "Vodka person" and will probably try and slip you a Popov or, at best, an Absolut. So, your'e only hope here is to bring a gift, a nice bottle of alcohol, to the party. So, you stop off at the grocery store (because you're running late, like usual, and don't have time to go to that liquor store across town that stocks a good variety of Vodkas). So, anyhow, you're in the grocery store and you have a choice of Absolut, Skyy, Popov, Vox, Grey Goose, Belvedere and maybe a few other brands. So, you choose the Grey Goose, because it's the best you can find in a large grocery store chain. (we'll, I'd argue that Belvedere would be about equal, but that's another story). You bring it to the party, offer it to the host (much cooler to bring a premium Vodka that a bottle of wine, IMHO). The host offers you a drink, you ask for your Vodka drink. Host says "let's try this, what's it called again, Grey Goose that you brought" You get your Premium drink. The host pours himself one. The host learns the difference between Vodka and GREAT Vodka.

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OK, I'll admit. I bought this one simply because it's black, and that looked cool to me. I expected a really nasty vodka, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it's actually a decent Vodka.

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Red Army

The bottle is really nice. The contents IMHO aren't that much better than something like Absolut.

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