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Hangar One Vodka

INASNITY RULES!! You would have to be crazy not to try this vodka. You would have to be insane not to like it!! I balked at the price but was convinced to buy one and am sorry I didn't buy every bottle in the store! SMOOOOOTH!, TASTY, NO BURN...NO GOING BLIND! Share this one with only you best friends.

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Russian Standard

very good, hard to find...hard to be without...you can get it in the U.S.

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As good a vodka as you can get...not perfect(I would have given it a 4.5) but oh, so close. Crisp and clean with a hint of honey (I believe they use it). IT is a rye based vodka, if that matters. Enjoyed a bottle with friends and all enjoyed it. Made well enough that there were no regrets next day! surprise yourself with some.

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Viking Fjord

Runs neck and neck with Kettleone but, by no means is it the best vodka I have ever tasted. C'mon now. I bought mine with a $5.00 rebate so the price was fantastic, even at regular price it is a bargan and decent...juat not great.

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not a bad vodka but at above $35 not worth it. Good taste but, burns on the way down. Nice that it is made out of potatoes.

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Shakers Original American Vodka

I bought this vodka because of the reviews here and my opinion is this: for an "american" vodka it is too expenisve for the taste, which is weird...aftertaste is ok, burn is minimal. For the price, save a little more and get Hangar 1. Not enough cash on hand get Kettle one. The goose is a littel over rated for the money. Not likely to buy shakers again but, it's really ok.

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