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Good stuff. Extremely smooth on hte palatte, and slightly sweet. Finish was very nice, with just a bit of bite and heat to it, which I generally don't like but I found rather enjoyable with this vodka. It almost seems like a sacriledge with a luxury vodka like this, but it does make an excellent vodka tonic. I don't know if it could dethrone my favorite mixing vodka for flavor, Ketel One, but it can certainly mix stronger without becoming unpleasant.

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Not quite as smooth as some other vodkas, but with a very enjoyable mouthfeel. Finish was long, warm, and actually had a couple of layers that developed with time. Good for shots. Didn't particularly like it for mixed drinks. I'm still a beginning vodkaphile though, just my impression.

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Ketel One

I would agree with the other poster, this stuff tends to put me to sleep. Makes an excellent vodka tonic to relax with at the end of an evening. VERY enjoyable in mixed drinks. It practically disappears in tonic water, save the delightful bit of body it adds to the drink. I franky found it a bit harsh straight up, which is the only reason I don't give it 5 stars.

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Thor's Hammer Vodka

Not terribly impressed with it. The only vodka I've had I actually PREFER warm. Sweet and slightly rough on the palatte with a long, warm finish and a bit of bite. I didn't like it with tonic particularly, though it was passable.

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Came off as very harsh. I bought it because I was looking for a cheap alternative to top shelf vodkas and I was sorely disappointed. VERY unpleasant needle to the finish, though the actual flavor was not bad; rather creamy.

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