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Michael Rider

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Ketel One

I've tried many Vodka martinis in my life and recently half a dozen at the popular Red Square Bar in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I keep comming back to Kettle One as my favorite for martinis. However if you like Vodka on the rocks or in other mixes you need to experment to find you own personal taste. Try the robust Russian premium vodkas you very well may find one that turns you on. Just be open minded. Vodka rules!! M. Rider

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Shakers Original American Vodka

I live in MN. and am a little bias. This is truly a great Vodka-smooth, great scent, and aftertaste. But I'm sorry to say is over priced. I tried two Shakers martinis at a company funtion(drinks were on the house)and was plesently surprised. I had the bartender swirl some vermouth around the glass and then toss it out before pouring in the martini. It really was as good as a Kettle One martini but as I stated over priced($27.00 to Kettle One's $19.00 at my local store. Mike

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