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Hangar One Vodka

One of the smoothest Vodka's I have tasted in a Martini- elegant, no burn, very neutral, but refreshing. Pricey? Yes, but worth it.

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I bought some of this Vodka a few weeks ago, and decided to make some Martini's this Friday afternoon. This is a fabulous Vodka! Perhaps the best I have tasted. No bite, and sort a mellow creamy after taste- that is most pleasing to the palate. Very smooth. Under rated -buy it!

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Very nice vodka- fair price. More chahacter then Absolut- less biting. Classy. Not totally neutral as many domestic vodka's are- has a nice warm, but smooth taste- with a bit of flair, as is typical of eastern european vodka's can be.

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A classy vodka, for a reasonable price that slides down smooth, with little burn- much better then Absolut. A nice warm aftertaste, with a real flair. Makes a great Martini.

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Made from potato, but very refined. A warm and fuzzy after taste- goes down real nice, with little burn. Makes a great Martini- also for the money, an incredible buy.

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I enjoy this American made Vodka from San Francisco- Hanger one is from Oakland- these Californians are doing great things with Vodka. Skyy goes down smooth, and is very neutral. I enjoy it in a tradtional martini, or a Skyy 'blue martini' very well priced also.

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Strong like bull, but warm and smooth, also exotic and very typical of Vodka out of eastern Europe, very little burn, makes a great martini.

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Three Olives

Very clean taste- very English in its over all style. Crisp, and nice. Well its nice in a Martini- good price as well. Also very tasty in a Vodka and Tonic with lime. Unique.

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Skyy Citrus

very enjoyable- the citrus flavers are light but have just the right amount of zest- a great value for the $$

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Skyy Melon

I liked the citrus a wee more- but this is still great neat, on the rocks or makes a nice melon martini- for the money it cannot be beat.

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Viking Fjord

After reading the reviews here on VF- I decided to try it. Hey this stuff is really good, as smooth as many here costing much higher on initial taste, while later going down as clean as silk- easily an unknown high quality Vodka at a bargain price.

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Not really bad, an old 'status' Vodka from the 1980's. It's just there is new stuff around today that is less biting and less money. Can be a wee burning as it slides down- especially in a Martini. No hangover- Decent- but today there is a broader choice when this was the 'Vodka of the 80s Yuppie'

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Not that bad actually- a little medicinal perhaps. The first Vodka in the US that really sold, BIG in the 1960s as 'the Vodka' See the Film 'Auto-Focus' going back into the mid 60's see the Smirnoff being used- Better mixed- makes a good bloody or screw driver.

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