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Chris Hodson

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This stuff is amazing. I convinced a friend of mine to do a blind taste test with this and Grey Goose, which he considered to be the best, and he chose Fris! It's one of the smoothest, creamiest vodkas I've had at any price, so the fact that it's cheaper than Absolut in some places makes it my current favorite.

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Blech! Is vodka supposed to taste like a Glade Plug-In? After a few of my friends recommended this vodka to me, I thought I would try it in a martini at the House of Blues last night. Worst mistake ever. I'll take Smirnoff over that distilled air freshener if ever faced with such a dilemma in the future. After i downed that horror, I had a martini with Grey Goose, which is by no means my favorite vodka, but for as much as I enjoyed it after the first one, it might as well have been.

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