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RN Durham

Reviews to date: 5Average score: 2.60


I'm not sure that I've found a "5" yet, but this is as close as I've come. Fantastically smooth. Excellent sipping vodka. Light flavor for a rye vodka. My favorite sprit on the rocks.

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Ketel One

As others have commented, Ketel One makes for a fine everyday vodka. It mixes well in Martini's and makes for a perfectly acceptable rocks drink at the bar. I always keep a bottle handy at home for its versatility and consistency.

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Krolewska Vodka

Not the smoothest, but the flavor is extraordinary. Very unique. In a category by itself. Worth a try just for the experience.

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An OK middle of the road Vodka. I think Kettle One makes for better on the rocks and mixed drinks, and is of comparable quality. Stoli's is much more harsh.

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I suppose if you were used to drinking "Mr. Boston" Vodka, then this would be a step up. Otherwise, avoid at all costs.

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