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To rework what Robert Loewe said, Flagman has blue label (least expensive), white label (middle price but called 'vyshiy sostav'-highest/best ingredients), and black label (highest price, called 'nochnoy desant'-night forces/special forces). Classiest bottle goes to the black. Maybe things have changed, but this is how it is at the stores right now where I live. The price difference between the highest and lowest is only about 70 roubles, so it's not going to bust balls.

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Sorry, Yat' is an old Russian letter, not what I said before. I was way off before. Good name--this vodka is smooth, and comes in several different styles/flavors. It's a cool bottle design, if a little clunky.

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Russian Standard

I think R.S. tastes like formaldehyde. Had one shot when I first came to Russia, haven't had it since. Gzhelka is ten times better, and even Karelia and Petrovskaya Sloboda, two vodkas made in the town where I live, are a lot better in my opinion. Save your money and buy something else.

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Don't buy Svedka or Absolut unless you have no taste buds and want a nasty hangover. Buy Finlandia or Stolichnaya. Better yet, go to Finland or Russia and drink vodka there. Better yet, skip Finland and go straight to Russia. A bottle of $1 Russian swill won't give you as bad of a hangover as Swedish stuff.

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