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ian oliver

Reviews to date: 7Average score: 2.86

Grey Goose

Very good a little more burn than i was hoping. very smooth, good smell best very cold, mixes well especially with soda.

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Skyy Citrus

wow a vodka you can chug for a while then you hit the floor. but tasty smooth, much better than regular skyy.

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the most over rated vodka yet, gave me my first hangover, tastes like absolut. doesnt even mix well

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Grey Goose L'Orange

ok i guess im a fan of regular grey goose this just tasted wierd.

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ok i guess, a little medicinal, a little thin, kinda watery, better than smirnoff, but barely

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I was in the liquor store and saw this vodka, never hearing about it i thought id give it a try. well it tastes like smirnoff or absolut, very strong smell, medicinal taste but in its defense it does mix well. but the best well the only good thing about it was the bad ass bottle it cam in. at about the same price as grey goose it was a rip. but i guess worth a try.

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Nasty. I have heard good things about this vodka from friends thats the only reason i give it a 2 im hoping i just got a bad bottle. It had the consistency of olive oil, and tasted like rubbing alcohol no matter how dilluted i made it, this vodka still tasted like crap. Try it for yourself maybe i got a bad bottle. I hope for the sake of vodka.

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