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Shakespeare Vodka

A friend gave me Shakespeare for my birthday and it was the best gift I've gotten in years. I think it is the top quality product, goes well at room temperature, on the rocks, and any other way imaginable. I checked prices on the internet, and the cheapest that I found was at 29 dollars a bottle. The luxury of drinking a great vodka surely comes with a cost.

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The best vodka I've ever tasted. Smooth and yummy, even at room temperature. No unpleasant aftertaste at all, no burning. Bought it in Moscow airport duty free shop. It is not cheap, but boy, was it worth it!

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Seagram's Vodka

For nine bucks a bottle, this is an unbeatable choice for everyday vodka. It is smooth, goes great straight up chilled and no hangover.

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Not very easy to drink, gives bad hangovers. For the same money buy Seagram's.

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