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Smirnoff Black

a russian version of the smirnoff name, but the difference stops right there! this vodka is handcrafted in small batches the traditional way. pot distilled from grain and filtered through birch charcoal, this vodka is sublime. full bodied and smooth, i buy all i can when i find it.

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dangerously smooth! a taste similar to minaral water.crisp, clean and goes down easy.

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at first glance, simply a inexpensive potato vodka from austria. once you crack the cap however,its a totally different story. a medium bodied vodka with a very soft, sweet palette. also mineral flavors with a faint citrus background. excelent! very good with a salty snack.

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one of the better "big vodka" brands of the u.s. smoother and a bit lighter than smirnoff red label, but hardly worth the extra cash. although a very good mixer.

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