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Great Vodka! I was going to swing for a bottle of Chopin or Belvedere but I didn't have adequate funding. I'm glad I didn't. It has a definate "luxorious" taste, as the name would imply. My polish girlfriend raved about it (she's got a bit of Polish Pride when it comes to Vodka). I only gave it a 4 because i'm rather a dilletante when it comes to vodka but it is my liquor of choice and I'm still going to shop around but something tells me i'll be coming back to Luksusowa!

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Well to be quite honest it wasn't all it is cracked up to be. I would drink it if it was free, which it was last night, but I do not think I would pay double for it (around $30USD for 700mL), compared to Luksusowa, which in my opinion is a lot smoother of a vodka. The bottle was nice but bottles aren't everything.

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Grey Goose

This was a very flavorful vodka. Really that was what I thought when it hit my mouth, FLAVOR! It was pretty smooth, and would be best to be drank neat, as the flavor might combat the things you mix it with. If it wasn't so expensive I would buy it again.

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