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Super smooth, wonderful vodka. Great taste. My personal favorite. Sip it on ice.

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I love this stuff! It's super smooth and has a pleasent burn. Crisp and has a nice fruit essence to it. It's my favorite, followed by Belvedere and Finlandia.

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Finlandia Wild Berry

Absolutely lovely, especially ice cold. Very smooth, great texture and the perfect amount of flavor. Harder to find than other varieties of Finlandia though.

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Wonderful! A slight bite at first..then silky smooth. Tastes a little sweet. Extremely smooth. A great value for $22/750ml This may become my regular.

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Jean-Marc XO

Well.. It was pretty damn smooth, but Belvedere was just as smooth. It has an interesting flavor..a cross between anise and marzipan. Good, but a little to strongly flavored to be called a straight vodka. It would be a lot more worth it if it wasn't $50 a bottle.

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