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Matt L.

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I don't have much experience with vodka, but this is an exceptional brand, regardless of the deceptive pricing. Luks is very smooth with a vanilla aftertaste; it warms your belly with no burn. I think I prefer the flavor of Grey Goose a little more, but this potato vodka gave me fewer problems with indigestion. I purchased my 750 mL bottle for $9.99 in California...a full two dollars cheaper than smirnoff! Needless to say, smirnoff can't even begin to contend with this stuff (smirnoff = blech!). Ignore the price; this is a top-notch vodka that can compete with the big boys!

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Hangar One Vodka

I waited with bated breath to try this vodka in New York. When the precious fluid touched my palate, I knew that my anticipation was well deserved. It was the best martini I've ever had. I've sampled everything from Belvedere, Chopin, Grey Goose, Luksusowa, Ketel One, Three Olives, Absolut, Stoli, and more, but this one takes the cake. Only take Hangar One with a hint of vermouth; otherwise you'll miss out on the distinct but subtle flavor and texture. There is absolutely nothing about this vodka that anyone could call distasteful.

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A top-shelf vodka masquerading at a mid-shelf vodka price. Perhaps the best grain vodka other than Hangar One. I can purchase 1.75 L of this stuff for $22 at my local store. At that price and with this flavor, sobriety is unjustifiable.

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Way too harsh for a vodka at this price. It has flavor, but it's not necessarily the type of flavor I adore. You can find better vodka martini's at an equal or lower price (Luksusowa, Ketel One, etc.).

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Tastes like burning... Yes, there are worse brands...but why would you want to probe the bottomless depths of intolerable liquordom with your wallet when you can have better for less? ONLY GOOD AS A MIXER. Avoid if at all possible...

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I tried it in a martini before a ball game. It tasted a heck of a lot like Absolut in a martini except the bite lasts longer and isn't as severe. If you know anything about vodka, you really ought to avoid this vodka.

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Oh, come on! No offense to the man who made it, but this stuff is bad even in a martini. Harsh with an unpleasantly overpowering alcohol flavor. Fris and Ketel One are much better wheat vodkas at a cheaper price.

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