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Charmin Hassenfeffer

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Chopin is still the best potato vodka I have tasted. I've heard people say it's overpriced and not worth the money compared to Luksusowa, but for the extra $10 I'd take it any day. It has a unique potato taste when it first hits your palette - something I haven't found in other potato vodkas. It's either a love it or hate it taste I think - but I happen to love it. Creamy and full potato flavor. Always has a place in my freezer.

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Jewel of Russia Classic

Hands down the best Russian vodka I have had. Aromas of lime and a smooth, classic Russian flavor. This is a vodka that epitomies what I think vodka should be. It's about perfect in my book.

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Blue Ice

A good, solid potato vodka. Very smooth and clean without loosing any of the creaminess found in potato vodkas. However, there really isn't anything noteworthy about the aroma or taste for me to give it 5 starts. Good potato vodka for the money.

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One of the best wheat vodkas I have had. It's smooth, has a great grain flavor when it first hits your palette - everything I would look for in a wheat based vodka. Very affordable and well worth the money. If I were more of a wheat vodka fan I'd give it 5 stars.

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Ketel One

Unique flavor. One of the best mixing vodkas around in my opinion. Thick and oily feel to it. I think this is another one that you either love or hate.

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Tastes like a typical rye vodka, although nothing special in my opinion. If you like rye vodka, consider a cheaper brand.

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Has some light lemon or lime aromas on the nose. Full flavored potato vodka taste, although a little harsh compared to brands like Blue Ice and Chopin. A good vodka for the money, although I personally would pay the $5 extra for a good American potato vodka like Blue Ice or Glacier - just for the added smoothness.

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Good clean vodka, but not much unique to it. For the money, I'd go with something cheaper.

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A great vodka for the money. Good mixer.

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Has a great aroma of ripe lime. Full taste although it's not very smooth. I think it would make a great mixing vodka, don't consider drinking this one straight.

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