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Verrrrryy good vodka. Well made, smooth, quality stuff. BTW, check out their website as the story of the distiller is quite interesting, may he rest in peace.

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Very good vodka. The finish leaves you wanting more. Nice quality. The vodka sereved to Churchill and Roosevelt. Just plain yummy.

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A good vodka for the money. A clean tasting, nothing fancy, no hangover vodka.

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Imperial Collection

Very good vodka! Puts the others to shame. If you don't like the bottle you buy, send what is left to me!!

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Youri Dolgoruki

My glass always seemed to be empty. It must have been that good!!

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Has become my new favorite! Very well made, smooth, and NO screw on cap to fall off all the time. Seek it out and try it for yourself. Quite yummy.

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You're kidding, right? $50 a bottle!! Save you money, there are plenty of vodkas out there for a lot less money and way better taste, smoothness, and quality. A litre of Turi for half the price, is a better deal anywhere. Pravda, Pearl, Russian Standard. Hey, a fool and his money.....

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Drinkable with a burn but, why bother?

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Stoli Elite

at $71.51 a bottle, give me a break.

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Forget it. Scotts should stick with making scotch. This stuff aint that good.

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Yuk!! Weird taste and got a headache from this stuff. Would not buy it again.

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