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Shakers Original American Vodka

Interesting -- people seem to love it or hate it. I love it. Never in my experience has there been any burn, and it has an almost citric nose with distinct vanilla notes on the finish. I've never seen any particles, and never sensed any rubbing alcohol with the original (rye is a different story). And if you look, you can buy Shakers for just over $20 some places.

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Iceberg Vodka

Very clean, lots of character, a bit of a burn on the finish. It always seems to give me a headache, though. If not for this, I'd drink it very often, indeed.

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I notice a bit of an aftertaste, but no hint of hangover (even after downing an entire fifth one lost afternoon). The Citrus flavored variety is ideal for vodka tonics--not at all cloying or overly flavored as some other brands are (Absolut).

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I found it for $12.99 here in Savoy, IL, and was very pleasantly surprised. Excellent for mixing and smooth enough neat or on the rocks to make for pleasant sipping. I didn't find it as complex or rich as some others, but certainly extremely drinkable.

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