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David McVey

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This is absolutely the best vodka I have ever tasted. I spent the summer in Poland and it was heaven to drink every time I could. It is awesome with apple juice (called a "Taganka") or good on the rocks with soda. No hangover. Wonderful stuff. Where can you get it in the States?!?

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This is an excellent mid-range vodka. The screw-open bottle cap design is interesting. The vodka is smooth, slightly citric and crisp. The aroma fills your nose, but won't leave any heartburn. Slightly sweet and not acerbic at all. Not peppery. Silkier and more pleasant than many more expensive Russian vodkas. Try a bottle next time you're in the Motherland.

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A pretty clean vodka. Not expensive at all--usually 12-14 bucks for liter. Make a Wsciekly pies with it. Pour an ice-cold shot, drip in a small spoonful of raspberry syrup, and add as many dashes of Tabasco as you can handle. Na zdrowie

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