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Extra Zytnia Vodka

Extra Zytnia Vodka is close to perfect. The packaging is not likely to win your favor. The spirit, however, should intrigue most vodka enthusiasts. Highly recommended!

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Ketel One

Ketel One has been my favourite vodka for approximately 3 years now, and I sample roughly 26 new products per year! My Bopoh Comrades and I have just received 23 authentic Russian products from Russia direct (reviews to follow). I hope to taste a vodka from my motherland which will surpass the Ketel One. (Oh yeah, 'Bopoh' is a slang term for vodka, derived from the Black Stallion Vodka. A great story, but too long and not relevant!)

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Red Army

a wonderful spirit, the bottle design did not apeal to me as i thought that the company was over-marketing the product. the contents were among the best i have ever tasted. in fact it has landed in my top 3 of over 60 products sampled and reviewed in the last 3 years

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an impressive product. i had a friend bring it to me as a gift and was very surprised by the clean finish of this vodka. it remains on my list of the top ten that i will always purchse again for future taste comparisons

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Russian Standard Premium

This is not a vodka without flavour. it may not be the best to recommend if you appreciate mild, mellow and soft. in your mouth, you will instantly recognize the grain, and once it goes down, an essence of flint will slowly dissipate at the back of your tongue. personally i have recently developed a taste for these russian home-grown characteristics.

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an excellent vodka. a bottle to keep in your freezer.

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Thor's Hammer Vodka

There are superior product out there, however for the vodka enthusiast, it is a product that should not be passed up.

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Not a perferred product

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