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Simply put,to this newcomer vodkaphile,this is excellent vodka: a nice balance of smoothness, with some subtle substance. I like it straight from the freezer, or on ice to lengthen the experience. A fine Scandinavian vodka-Blasts Swedens'popular seller out of the water. Continous distillation, midnight sun six-row barley (not your usual rye or wheat), and glacial spring water-they all go into it. My "white reindeer" nectar; and costs much less than the "goose". Try for yourself.

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Super smooth, almost buttery. Great taste of just pure vodka (not too dry or too sweet, with no objectionable tastes). Perfectly neutral smell. Leaves a feeling like a warm afterglow. Truly different than all the rest; dare say, The Finest.

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Interesting vodka: water purer than big name bottled water, first legal vodka distilled and bottled in Iceland-so their site says;pot still from Grants' of Scotland(like Titos, etc.). Bottom line an excellent refreshing, very crisp vodka. Recommended.

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I've had many a fine vodkas. But, after you weed out the really poor examples, a good vodka can be a ZYR, Titos, etc., etc; it really is a matter of taste or variety. After much tasting, I went back and tried some Luksusowa, and it really strikes me as exceptional. As mentioned, it is smooth, creamy, and has a certain mellowness. Irrespective of its relatively low price, it's a gem of a vodka and rates a 5. Try it with an open mind, and you may, like I, have found the perfect spirit for everyday or special occasions.

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Fantastic martini "wodka". Very dry,clean and sharp straight. Just bought 1 liter $12.99 U.S. at Canadian Duty Free store.

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A good example of Russian vodka- named after Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Made by "Moscow Distillery Cristall", who, I believe also makes superb Cristall vodka at about twice the price, not quite twice as good though. (Cristall used to be labeled "Stolichnaya Cristall"- as best I can figure out!). Unlike above reviewer, here in eastern U.S. a liter of Putinka vodka is very reasonably priced at about $16/liter.

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Teton Glacier

Super smooth potatoe vodka from Idaho. Continuous distallation, glacier water, then charcoal/garnet filtered. Smoothest, mellow, no bite vodka I've had- a real sleeper that ranks with the best.

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Odessa vodka from the Ukraine. About $16.99 U.S. for 1.75 liters. Great value for money, and balanced taste earns it a 5.0. While not as smooth as Zyr (yes I gave it a 5.0 awhile ago, but now prefer a vodka with a little "edge"), and not as rough as Keitel One (great body but truly a bit caustic), at least you know you are drinking something other than water or turpentine. Fits right in the middle of all vodkas- and to me, not a bad place to be. Just enough body for a nice martini.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

Smooth and creamy to start, slight pepper taste, no antiseptic taste or smell, goes down quickly turning into a warm glow to let you know you are drinking something. Appreciate the lack of hangover inducing cogeners. Superb,one of my favorites,and only costs $16 for 1 liter.

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Nice middle range vodka. Not spectular, but beeter than many. Able to drink straight or can stand up as a mix. A good solid buy.

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Ketel One

If your a gin drinker and martini lover, this is a vodka you may like. Gin is prone to upset my stomach; I like the body and complexity of it, but end up liking a vodka with some body, ie. harshness. This has it. Maybe a bit to harsh. Pretty good martini- but I prefer a vodka one step smoother, but not like water- like Odessa Vodka.

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I just can't get the past the overwhelming antiseptic odor and taste of the bottle of Monopolowa I just bought. This was a potato vodka from Austria, and I have had Luksusowa from Poland which I find quite drinkable and decent, so it is not the potato base.

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