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Grey Goose

I was unaware of the ridiculous hype surrounding this vodka beforehand, so I was simply rating the Goose on its own merits, on which it succeeds admirably. It's one of the smoothest vodkas I've tasted, though not totally flavorless, and has a clean crisp aftertaste with little to no alcohol burn. I only dared mix it once and found the subtle flavor to be lost, but drunk straight or with ice this is a superb vodka. Just try and ignore the hype.

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Smooth, almost creamy taste, a hint of sweetness. Left a slight burn on the palate but was otherwise free of nasty aftereffects. All in all, a nice premium vodka, but a little overpriced in my opinion. Bottle comes with a nice cork cap. Not sure if this affects the flavor any, but it was a nice touch.

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An excellent flavored vodka from Poland, every bottle comes with a straw of bison grass floating in it that lends a wonderful cinnamon warmth to the drink and also invests it with a strange green color. Drunk straight this is an excellent and very affordable vodka. However, due to its already strong flavor, it's best to mix it only with correspondingly warm flavors like ginger ale or apple juice. It's also a little on the sweet side for my taste and the flavor might not suit everyone, so if you're looking for a straight up pure vodka look elsewhere.

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Ketel One

I'm not sure if I got a bad batch or not, but I found this vodka to be extremely harsh on the tastebuds and, as some other reviewers have stated, it made me drowsy. I didn't mix it but drank it straight. Perhaps this is why. Despite that, there was no nasty aftertaste or hangover, and the viscosity was just about right. I've also tried the Citron version, which is nicer but still harsh.

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This vodka gave me the worst throbbing hangovers whenever I drank it. I thought that was natural for vodkas, given my lack of experience at the time; now I know differently. Taste is very harsh and burning with an oily consistency, though this becomes tolerant when mixed. Still, I'd rather avoid this if I can.

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Um, yeah. Smirnoff is probably the most well-known brand name vodka in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, it's also one of the worst. It's totally generic in flavor, burns like horrid, and gives me a feeling of nausea about a half hour after I've drunk it. To top it all, it has a very nasty acrid aftertaste. Even mixed, the taste remains and lodges right at the back sides of my tongue. Avoid if you can.

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