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very nice vodka, much better than Chopin and about 10 dollars cheaper, prefer it also to Pearl which is priced similarly...I find a bit of a peppery aftertaste...prefer it straight out of the freezer with a couple of vermouth soaked olives and a dash of olive juice...this one will maintain a spot in my freezer as i continue to sample other super-premiums.

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not bad but i guess i was expecting a bit more after hearing and reading some of the hype. seemed a bit thin out of the freezer. not much of a discernable taste or order but a bit of an alcohol burn on the finish..i prefer the alcohol to be more rounded rather than just hitting at the back of the throat...prefer turi and quadro (nice but expensive new russian super-premium)

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ok but i've found others that are cheaper that i prefer better...a bit of an oily mouthfeel and a bit of harshness at the back of the throat on swallow. i did enjoy it a bit more as i got to the tail end of the bottle, so in all fairness i probably should try it again before reviewing...however, i find that i like Turi better and it is 10 dollars cheaper and there are so many other options to explore!

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I wanted to like this vodka, because I'd heard relatively good things about it. Alas, the first try as Dirty Vodka Martini was not impressive. There is a cloying bitter aftertaste to this vodka. However, in as a mixer for a bloody mary it is more than acceptable...but if it can't stand alone to dash of vermouth and a touch of olive juice it can't rate more than a two in my book. Tito's is a much better choice for a few dollars more and for 5-6 dollars more you can pick a bottle blindfolded and still likely walkaway with a better tasting vodka.

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