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I would like to say that this is the first Vodka I can drink at room temp. It has by far one of the smoothest finishes out there. I have a bottle of Stoli in the freezer and while that is a great vodka in it's own right, it doesn't even come close to Armadale for taste, smell and finish. Though, I guess it's not really fair to compare Armadale to Stoli so let me compare to another "SuperPremium" Vodka Grey Goose. IMHO, Grey Goose is overrated. While it is better than most midgrade/highgrade Vodkas out in the market it still has it's faults. As I said before suprisingly Armadale at room temp is great and very smooth, where as Grey isn't as forgiving. I will admit Grey chilled is great, but again I have tasted many Vodkas that are superior in everyway(Armadale) and don't get the credit they deserve.

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I would like to comment on this fine Vodka. I believe it has everything going on for itself. It tastes great and the price is rather modest for what you get. While there is many better tasting Vodkas out there, it comes at a price. Stoli, is just a great Vodka overall and I highly recommend it. I strongly recommend this Vodka chilled over room temp when tasting, or comparing to other Vodkas as when I think this Vodka shines .

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Ketel One

Stoli on steroids. I love this Vodka, just like Stoli you are getting a fine Vodka at a modest price. This Vodka can be compared to Grey, Belvedare etc... I like it a bit more than stoli for taste, but don't get me wrong Stoli isn't lacking far behind. I highly recommend it for shots. I believe you should never buy premium Vodkas for mixing. Leave that to Smirnoff and other lowgrade Vodkas.

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I admit I expected more from this Vodka. For my tastes this Vodka just doesn't do it for me. It has a bit more roughness to it's finish than I prefer. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a little kick, it's just that for around the same price I could have bought Belvedare, Armadale, Grey etc, and have been much happier. I guess this is what you should expect when tasting Vodkas, it's all about trial and error. One man's garbage is another man's treasure. Though, I don't think this Vodka is garbage at all it's just not my bag.

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Grey Goose

Ok, I believe this is a fine Vodka, but it is a bit overrated. I for one cannot drink this Vodka at room temp, where as Armadale excells at. I believe Armadale is a couple notches better than Grey overall and I don t think I'll buy Grey again until I wan't a change of pace. I you wan't attention at a party than bringing Grey Goose with you will get you that. A great Vodka and even though I think it's overrated I still highly recommend it if your a first timer and want to start with one of the better Vodkas.

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Smirnoff Triple Distilled / No. 21

Ok, I'm a bit biased when it comes to Vodka, but I will say this Vodka is great for screwdrivers and the like. I myself love Vodka straight up, but from time to time a screwdriver is a nice change of pace and this Vodka is in my book #1 for mixing. Just don't expect much drinking straight up, because you will be dissapointed.

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Ok, here is my beef. This stuff does not taste like Vodka at all. Read my other reviews(Stoli,Armadale,Ketel One and you will see I'm no hater when it comes to Vodka. IMHO, this stuff is crap and tastes more like Tequila rather than Vodka. I have tasted some unpleasent Vodkas in my day and I dare to say I'd rather drink Dimitri than this.

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