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Hangar One Vodka

Very smooth, and pretty tasty, but it has a subtle slighty-too-sweet, cotton candy sort of note to it. Overall very good, but this flavor is just not quite what I would like to be tasting...

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It's distilled from Soy. I have to say I was intrigued in a morbid sort of way. I've never liked the jello-looking soy chunks, but I've recently liked edamame pretty well. They have a trendy look and a trendy website. Someone or other taste tester rated it a perfect 100 - which of course probably means absolutely nothing. They also have a long list of tasters raving about it on their website. I didn't expect it to be the perfect vodka, but I did expect it to be a bit different from other vodkas, and at around $20, I figured I would try it. It's fairly smooth, but with just a tad more unusual flavor than most. If you imagine edamame while tasting it, the flavor is rather similar. But in vodka I found this was just a bit disconcerting. The first time I tried it I thought it was pretty good, but just a little too odd and unsettling. The second time I tried it confirmed this. But even stranger, after drinking it the second time, I had a strange sort of slick, metallic, sour flavor and texture on the roof of my mouth. This lasted quite a while - I even thought it was still there the next day. So all in all, interesting idea, interesting to have tasted it, but I can't recommend it...

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Down Under

Not the worst I've had but certainly not good. I'll never try it in a martini again, but mixed with something sweet it might be drinkable... Neat bottle design though.

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Vermont Spirits White Vodka

This is distilled from pure milk sugar and you can tell - drinking it in a martini, it is offensively sweet and has some unpleasant flavors. I suppose I agree with their marketing that it might be well suited for a white russian, but I will never drink it plain again. I cannot recommend even bothering to try it.

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Tastes like lighter fluid. Enough said.

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