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Allan Swartz

Reviews to date: 6Average score: 5.00


This is the finest vodka I have ever enjoyed at any price. For me it's the new standard by which all others must be judged. The clarity is amazing and the smoothness is a joy. Makes the perfect martini.

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This is the purest vodka I have ever tasted. A five star product to be sure. Makes a wonderful martini.

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Youri Dolgoruki

An excellent vodka, very smooth, with very little taste. This is my second choice after Level.

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Three Olives

An excellent Vodka, smooth with a lovely taste. Too bad the price recently went from $30 to $40 a bottle where I live. Next to Level and Youri, I like this best.

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Another great Vodka, distilled from Canadian winter wheat. Beleive it or not it's no longer available in Ontario, Canada. Definitely in my top four.

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My very favorite vodka. Very smooth. Makes the best Martini. Excellent value. What a wonderful value. The best at any price.

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