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I've been drinking high quality vodkas for many years and for one reason or another have been in the mood to try some new ones recommended on the forum. Definitely have to share that Fris is one very smooth, great tasting vodka that IMHO, could become my new everyday vodka of choice. Sure, I enjoy Titos, Ketel One, Chopin and a few others. But after trying Fris, the quality along with the price is a new wake-up call to a great tasting and smooth vodka.

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This is an excellent potato vodka! While I usually drink wheat vodkas with an occasional potato (Chopin), it was in the past that I drank the potato vodkas and was generally just OK with the taste and unfortunately, the lack of smoothness and the apparent 'bite' to them. Luksusowa came highly recommended by the forum and guess what...the forum is right on! Luksusowa is a 'reasonably' priced alternative to Chopin that delivers excellent taste and a smoothness that is almost the equal to Chopin, at almost half the price.

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