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Ari Mouratides

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Hangar One Vodka

One of the finest. A little hard to find. Has no hint of ethyl. A flavor like no other. Neutral but bold. This being said, I am a fan of Grey Goose. I like neutral Vodkas. If you are a Grey Gosse fan this Vodka will delight.

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Grey Goose

I agree that Grey Goose is overpriced/overrated. I love it just the same tho. It is on my top shelf. I find it very boring and neutral. I does have a slight ethyl odor. It is a bit harsh, but it's my favorite vodka for mixers. I put it on par with Kettle One. I will continue to endorse Grey Goose, regardless of what others say.

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Ketel One

Why anyone would have anything bad to say about Kettle One is beyond me. It is not top shelf but upper mid range. In my opinion it is one of the best values in Vodka. I think their Citroen is one of the best Infusions out there.

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Not the best vodka. It is a unique liquid tho. I am gonna say that it is unique enough to not be a true vodka. I would pass on buying this again but I am glad I tried it. Oh by the way it's TERRIBLE!!!!!

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