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Stoli Elite

Tried this vodka straight, freezer cold, very smooth ((I prefer it over Cavalli, Ketel, BORU (good for price), Titos, Vermont White, etc)) Still order Goose on rocks when out and about.

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Just had my first. I have tasted many vodkas (high / medium end), and I find Svedka Vodka on the rocks to be very smooth and enjoyable. I am surprised to get this at such a low price. Will have a couple of more tonight, and if all feels good in the a.m. will grab another 2 1.75s for future consumption.

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I think this is very good vodka for the price ($19.95 1.75).

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Did not enjoy at all. Sticking with Stoli Elit for now. Still enjoy Goose. Cavalli nothing special.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

Sorry, bought bottle tried two different times, very rough both times. My brother agreed. My uncle enjoyed it...gave him the bottle.

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