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Exclusiv Vodka

Great stuff! Very smoth yet with carachter. For $20 a liter they got my money. Package is clean and not too fancy. 5 stars

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Trully Russian origin and clean presentation. As far as taste just very hard to give 5 stars. 4.1 maybe Standart for me is a better Russian vodka with true Europian character and taste

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Cool comercials, soft on the first sip but a bit harsher on the way down. expected a bit more for the money

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42 Below Vodka

France-grapes-good vodka. New Zealand-good wines-now vodka. The fact that they have one of the funniest ads (win a russian bride) still keeps them kiwi. Stick to the wine. But if you are interested in vodka from wine region Exclusiv from Moldova will blow this one away for $20 a litter.

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Value for the money? For 19.99/litter Exclusiv wins hands down. Value in my eyes is taste/price/presentation. Svedka has last 2 but taste/smell is a bit harsh and after taste is not pleasant. For extra 5 bucks Exclusiv to Svedka is like Goose to Stoli

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I thought the name for the vodka from grapes is Cha-Cha or Rachiu? Maybe i am wrong but Cha-Cha i remember from Georgia were much better

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