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Maksim Markov

Reviews to date: 27Average score: 3.22


most delicious liquid that i've ever tasted. there is very little burn but a strong vodka taste. absolutely recommend this

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if you drink it straight out of the freezer it's very smooth and tasty - just like drinking potato juice.

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maybe my favorite non-russian vodka. smooth with a good (but not fantastic) taste. But it has a very interesting after-soothe that i have not experienced with other vodkas. definetly worth trying

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Stoli Elite

Amazing. simply amazing btw, the reviews on this i see are unfairly low due to some people being stupid with the review. Like one person giving it a 1 simply because of the price, and another idiot said that this was "the BEST" but still gave it a 1, clearly not realizing how the rating system works.

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a very delicious and very smooth vodka. tastes the way vodka should taste.

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Youri Dolgoruki

this vodka is amazing. very smooth with a small bite. tastes exactly like good russian vodka is supposed to taste like. similar to Zyr and Christiania.

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Stolichnaya Blackberry

i'm not usually a fan of flavored vodka, but this stuff is fantastic. smooth drink with a great blackberry aftertaste that is sweet but not overpowering.

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Ultimat definitely deserves 5 stars in this review. it is a smooth blend of 3 different styles - grain, rye, and potato, and it brings out the best of all worlds. It is on the expensive side, but it has a taste to match and i was not disappointed

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Russian Standard

smooth and tasty.

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this is a classic. and very good for its price. i always have some in my freezer.

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very good. one of the smoothest vodkas out there. filtered through icelandic lava rock. but taste isn't quite what i want in a vodka (i am biased toward the taste of classic russian vodkas). great for shots and mixing.

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i gave this 5 stars before, but upon further reflection (after tasting some true 5star vodkas) i think Finlandia should be a 4. what i said is still true - good aroma, okay taste, smooth drink, and has a uniquely soothing aftertaste.

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i had a shot a while ago, before i became a hardcore vodkaphile. but from my recollection it's not too bad. it doesn't try to make itself to be much, and it's not, but it is atleast decent and drinkable. i approve.

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Imperia (Russian Standard)

Russian Standard Imperia- tastes expensive - very smooth,with a light sweet scent. But it also has a heavy oil aftertaste which i didn't like. not bad, just disappointing. i realized something was wrong when i was eager to switch over to the harsher but cleaner taste of Stolichnaya.

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Czar's Gold

pleasant aroma and classic taste. You can feel it has a bite and a little bitter when drinking, but the aftertaste is that of clear water, which makes a very interesting combination. the bottle is pretty, but the cap tends to fall off (i ended up losing vodka to the freezer). 3/5 overall.

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Stolichnaya Vanil

great for making White Russians, but not as good for taking shots. the flavor of the vanilla and the flavor of the spirit just doesn't mix very well. in my opinion the original Stoli tastes better.

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Russian Standard Premium

has strong flavor and after-taste. while generally cleaner than regular Russian Standard, i found the taste to be more aggressive and without the subtle sweetness that comes with the original.

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Grey Goose

the Goose is over-rated. it is very smooth, yes, like drinking water. but has almost no taste, like drinking water.

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Ketel One

it's alright, drinkable. oily taste. not very appealing to be honest

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Van Gogh

has a very pretty picture on the front. For that i'll give it a 2. but the taste is cheap. we had this bottle and a bottle of stoli around at a party and were all too happy to switch over.

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Finlandia Wild Berry

smooth vodka, but the berry taste is too much. i can't drink this straight because of the obnoxiously strong, way-too-sweet, berry taste. good for mixing, if you have something berry flavored in mind, but imposible to drink straight unless you like chugging syrup.

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tastes too generic and medicinal. great ad campaign but so-so vodka.

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tasteless, oily, unimaginative. i would call it generic, but that is giving it too much credit. still it doesn't quite offend the senses the same way some other vodkas do, so i'll let it escape with a 2stars. could work in a mixer.

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Three Olives

how is this garbage getting such good reviews? it's not good. at all. it's not even decent. sorry, i usually try to be fair, but giving this harsh oily vodka good reviews is simply unacceptable.

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cheap vodka - cheap taste.

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are you kidding me? this thing comes in a plastic bottle. enough said.

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the most vile thing i've tasted.

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