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Did a blind taste test with this, Svedka and Boru. It was smoother than the other two. I seemed to like it a lot better. For 10 bucks a bottle, it was pretty good.

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A little harsh, and it had an unattractive chalky and mealy mouthfeel. I thought i tasted lime - but not in a nice citrusy way.

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Pretty okay. Did a blind taste test with this, Boru and Fris. Had a little chalky taste, though it wasn't overwhelming. Aside from that i thought it was pretty indistinctive. That's okay for a vodka, but would have been nicer were it not so chalky.

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Crown Russe

Why haven't you guys listed Crown Russe? It's an okay cheap vodka thats used as a well-vodka at several bars here. Not bad, i think its better than Popov, though i'll have to do a blind taste test to make sure.

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