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Simply the smoothest, crispest vodka I have ever had. Pricy? Yes. But the best don't come cheap.

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Best bang for the buck I have found. Better than Stoli, WAY better than Absolut...and ten bucks cheaper for a 750 than those two. And simply blows away everything I have had at its price point. There is better vodka, to be sure, and how well you like it depends on individual taste (my friend had some and said it tasted like Smirnoff...he liked the Svedka much better). But for me, this will be my go-to vodka unless I'm in the mood to splurge.

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Awesome looking bottle, smooth booze within, and a great price. This vodka is a real steal. Bring this bottle to parties to impress the hell out of people (between the bottle and the taste, people think this stuff is way more expensive than it is)

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Not bad, I'd actually give this 2.5 stars if I could, but I'll be generous as my hand is forced. Bottle looks cool. Girl at the store talked it up, said she'd convinced Absolut drinkers to switch, as Svedka was better and cheaper. Svedka is both better and cheaper than Absolut, but Absolut sucks and is way overpriced. Stoli is overpriced as well, but I still like it better than Svedka. Svedka is a pretty good value, period, but there are others that are better still for the same amount of money.

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Coasts on name recognition, much like Absolut and Stolichnaya. Except much worse than even Absolut. Rough stuff, don't try to drink it straight unless you have a stomach of iron and a copper-jacketed tongue. Don't get me wrong, I've had harsher vodka. But for the price, you can find superior spirits (Both Fris and Luksosowa are slightly cheaper in my area than Smirnoff).

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