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Skyy 90

This vodka can be enjoyed equally from the freezer or at room temperature. I can only describe it as lovely because I am at a loss for words. It is smooth, yet flavorful. Easy to drink, yet warm. It makes my tongue numb when I sip it...Sky 90 is the first vodka EVER to be distilled to 200 proof; this makes it the purest vodka on the market, chemically speaking.

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I drink this vodka (neat) on a regular basis. It has a sweet and smooth taste, and is also forgiving the next morning. Recently Rain vodka has started using synthetic cork. No more "tainted bottle" worries.

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Lack of burn, to me, is the best quality of this vodka. It isn't exceptionally smooth; as it has distinct character. This isn't my first choice for a sipping vodka, but I was impressed nonetheless. Beats Smirnoff and Absolut easily.

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This vodka is too warm for me. In a blind taste test Finlandia took last place behind Fris and Skyy. I was disappointed because I really wanted to like it.

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It seems 95% of vodka advertisements are of Smirnoff, Skyy, and Absolut. Skyy is easily smoother than Smirnoff, and tastes better than Absolut! The formula for Skyy vodka came from a chemist after inventing a new distillation technique that removes unwanted by-products that cause hangover and bad taste.

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