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Jon Lopez

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A very interesting vodka that (until today) I'd only drunk in Revolution with apple juice. Straight it's got a nice astringent 'cut grass' aroma and feels warming in the mouth. The flavour is slick and herby more than spicy but the warmth comes through at the end.... In cloudy ginger beer it's flavour shines through more than just being ginger beer+alcohol.

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I was bought Blavod as a present (must be all the metal I listen to) and enjoyed it most as a mixer. Makes a shockingly fun "toxic waste green" when added to orange juice! On it's own it's still nice enough- a spicy/herby flavour that's quite sweet. I never drank too much on it's own as I was worried about it making my teeth go black...But I needn't have worried. But is it really a 'vodka' or a liquer?

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Vodka for gatecrashers- this stuff is supercheap and tastes it. Aroma and flavour are just pure ethyl alcohol- no nuances, no flavour- just rough chemistry on the tounge and throat.

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