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Ketel One

Vodka is the only hard liquor I drink, and I drink it quite often. I drink it mixed, but most of the time I take it straight on the rocks. I was turned onto the premium vodka scene by my g/f's brother over 5 years ago. He was a huge goose fan and I began liking/drinking goose. I felt it was smoother in mixed drinks but still didn't enjoy drinking it straight. For years I was on the goose wagon, until I was in Orlando and a business colleague of me (very rich, older guy ~55 years old) told me goose is garbage and Ketel One is better. Until then, I thought of Ketel One as inferior and for the older crowd. He said he'd buy me the same drink I was drinking (Goose and Cran) and I could drink them next to each other. At that point, I was immediately sold. Ketel One was notably smoother. I continued to order Ketel One that night as well as other nights. I also bought a 1.5L bottle for a superbowl party three years ago and served it along side my Goose bottles. Two of my goose friends became Ketel One fans that night and continue to be fans. However, I've yet to get my g/f's brother off of the goose bandwagon. I do occasionally drink goose because it's ordered for bottle service by someone else, however, I'd pay twice as much for Ketel One because I think it's that much better. Other great things about Ketel One are that it is widely available at most bars and restaurants and most of the time the upcharge is less than Goose. Also, the bottles themselves are less for what is clearly a superior drink. Now I can't stand people on the goose bandwagon. I tell them that they're just psychologically fooled by the pretty bottle because that's what you're really paying for with Goose. I went to Paris in early 2007 and couldn't find Goose to save my life, nor did any of the three Parisians I was visiting even know what it was. Grey Goose is just a superiorly marketed vodka, but in my opinion it's no better than Svedka or regular Stoli. I find Belvedere to be similarly marketed. Ketel One is the best vodka I've tried; I haven't tried Stoli Elit yet, but I plan to soon.

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Grey Goose

Very overrated. Ketel One is much smoother and tastes better mixed or straight-up. Grey Goose is well marketed and has a pretty bottle, but that's where it ends. It's an average vodka that is "cool" amongst the people. I went to Paris in early 2007 and I couldn't find Goose anywhere. None of the 3 Parisians I was with had ever heard of it. American marketing at it's best. It's way over-priced. Save your money and go with Ketel One or Tito's

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