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Crater Lake Vodka

What a treat! Very very smooth, nice aroma, and it has a distinct flavor. Must be due to the brief aging on oak. I like that it is U.S. made, hand crafted in small batches, and hand filled with the batch number on the seal. I drink it on ice. This, from a single malt Scotch and single barrel/small batch Bourbon man. Nice web site. Nick

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Viking Fjord

I really enjoyed this smooth potato vodka. Potato vodkas seem to have a "thicker" feel on the pallet. This has a nice sweetish smell. Excellent price. Enjoy. Nick

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Outstanding. Simply the best!

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The Perfect Vodka. A Classic. Why? 1. Six-Row Barley. 2. Glacial Water. 3. Midnight Sun. 4. Crafted in the North. Enjoy. Nick

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