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The best of the best. People who say goose is better have no idea what good vodka is. Great bold taste but in no way harsh; I drink it out of the bottle warm at times, doesn't matter. $25 for this stuff is a great deal. New blueberry is almost as good.

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One of two I give 5 stars. Great bottle, great price, great taste. Smooth as can be. Hands down the best American vodka I've had. Respected but still underrated. My second favorite after stoli.

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Very cool design. Well priced at $22 a half gallon! Not as smooth as the name suggests though, which is what I look for in vodka. My buddie's favorite though.

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Smirnoff Black

Absolutely undeserving of the disrespect it gets. Best tasting 100 proof liquor I've ever had. Remarkably smooth.

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Had the raspberry. Kickass bottle, no doubt. It's decent but a bit harsh. Obviously doesn't live up to hype, but it's better than aristocrat (but 10 bucks more).

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Grey Goose LeCitron

Bottle is a thing of beauty. Lemon is sublime, overall good taste, but it is nowhere near perfection (closest thing is stoli) Overrated and overpriced at $35 a fifth.

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I collect bottles but I don't mind the simple design. It works. Very strong flavor, you can taste the grain. Kinda spicy in a good way, but also on the harsh side. Great price at $13 a fifth.

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A joke vodka among my friends. Gets 1 star for the 6 dollar price tag. Price shows--is worse than rubbing alcohol. Thanks Kentucky!

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